Saturday, January 12, 2008

One week to go!!!

This time next week, we'll be onboard this ship steaming away from Miami, heading for fun with the EVIL CREW. The emails have been flying daily; this new blogging group (for the most part) has never met in person, yet we've come together as friends/family already, sharing joys and sorrows just as true real and online friends do every day. What a new demension this is!

My hair has been trimmed...thank you, JJ!!! And I have two new rolling duffle bags to pack in that'll just stay in the 'basement' when we are done so that we aren't suitcaseless again. We are travelingbells...we've gotta be ready to leave with a moment's notice...and need proper containers to put our *stuff* in!

Parker on the couch

And we have a sweet neighbor who loves cats who will come over and take care of Parker while we are gone...thank you, Judy! We'll miss our boy, but he'll have the place all to himself and enjoy our bed all alone for a whole week. He'd just better not get into the catnip and throw any wild parties! Life is good!!!

Bee and I had fun working on our scrapbook pages yesterday...

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Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

how exciting! and your cat needs to blog to meet some other cat bloggers so he can teleport over to play with them while you are gone. they do it all the time. parker will have a blast with the meezers and daisy and jeter harris!

smiles, bee