Saturday, January 26, 2008

And the fun ship docks...

Time to empty out the safe, cram the toiletries in the bag, shut down the computer, and head out of the room so that it can be cleaned and readied for the next passengers to begin the routine again. These pictures were actually on our arrival day. The ship has wi-fi in ALL the rooms (hoorrraaay), however it was slow and wouldn't let me upload pictures. Fortunately, I had planned ahead and had a few 'canned' pictures so that the posts would have at least a little bit of color:-)
Dick and I went up to the Lido deck and met Bonnie and Charlie. She was wearing her 'solid gold plastic tiara,' complete with flashing lights befitting her position as Empress Bee of the High Sea. Being Duchess Sandy, I donned my matching tiara, and we happily exited the ship with lights flashing and made it through customs fine and dandy, with several folks giving us the royal wave (yes, real waves with all fingers, silly). The agent even remarked on my 'royalty' with a smile (do NOT crack jokes with these guys...unless they are funny first). By the time Bonnie arrived next, he actually asked her if she wanted to declare her tiara! The man certainly knew good jewelry when he saw it. We made his day not so boring. Life's too short not to laugh.

Parker conned Judy into feeding him extra good stuff while she was kitty sitting this past week, and she dubbed him "Piggy Parker" and warned us that he has maybe, um, gained a little weight while we were away. Talk about a con artist! She fell for the hungry, pitiful act that boy can (try) to pull. Sure worked with her. He'll probably want us to leave again real soon, if Judy will take care of him, that is! All is well. Bob and Lynne arrive in their motorhome tomorrow and will stay for a few days. That'll be fun. Life is good...but I missed y'all!

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Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i still have my tiara on today. funny, the people in the condo do not seem to appreciate it nearly as much as the ones on the ship. wonder why that is???

smiles, bee