Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday in Cozumel

Here we are all gussied up!

Bonnie and Charlie, a/k/a Bee & Sarge

Yesterday’s rain and overcast was supposed to be left behind, however it was still hanging around upon our arrival in Cozumel this morning. Our tablemates at breakfast were a bit disappointed, because they were all young and wanting to go do outside stuff that involved sun/beach. The rain pretty much stopped, but the sun is still delinquent in making an appearance.
We’ve been reading in the cabin and by pool...good project for a crummy day. We did go see the show last night after dinner, which featured songs/sets on New Orleans, which was nicely done. N/O is where the next blogger’s cruise will depart from, with hints of Elton John being onboard and possibly Brad and Angelina. Yippie skippy on the last two. We’ve met some of my fellow Evil Crew bloggers. Each day the ship is presenting us with a gift of some sort...a Best of John Heald Blog calendar for ‘08; two nylon drawstring backpacks with the "I (heart) John’s Blog Thingy" logo; a couple of personal battery operated fans, and promises of many more surprises during the remainder of the cruise.
Still having finally posted!


HaleyD said...

A crummy day in Cozumel still sounds nicer than what we faced today- 9 degrees this AM (7 on the bank marquee)and high 30s this PM. We did see the sun though! The yard is still very patchy white.

Kimberly and Bob said...

Get out of my head Haley, I was getting ready to post the same thing. Oh, poor rainy day in Cozumel, do you hear the violins playing??? We are drizzly as well however for us really pitiful Californians, it is only about 60 degrees outside which for us, seems like a full on winter freeze, especially with the rain!!! I am ready to cozy up to a fire with a good book!

Looking forward to hearing all about the blogger cruise, sure does sound like fun! Sounds like a annual trip being set up to me....:-)