Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ocho Rios

Dunn's River Falls

Beautiful beach

This has been a beautiful day that all the beach goers probably loved. We enjoyed sleeping in, a late breakfast, and a good visit with Bee, Charlie, Bill & Jean in the only seating area with a view–outside the casino. With the casino being closed, we didn’t have to suffer the cigarette smoke that normally wafts from it.
We prefer a ship that has an upper panoramic seating area with a view of where we are going. Providing nice music is a definite plus. We’ll normally sit there to read and watch enjoy the view. That prime piece of real estate on this ship is enjoyed by of all things, the kiddie pool:-( What were they thinking??? And the decor is, well, Las Vegas tacky, in our humble opinion, but what do we know. The decorator told us on the TV about his idea of decorating sections through the various periods of history, but we still haven’t quite figured out where the snake skin decor figures in. But what do we know. Did I say that already?
The food is good, the entertainment has been good; we certainly have enjoyed cruise director John and his lovely wife, Heidi. They are a we overlook the decor. It’s the least we can do.
We are setting an all-time record for staying onboard. We haven’t been off the ship since we left Miami, and today was our last chance to do so. We weren’t interested. We liked Jamaica back in the early ‘70s when it was safe and we had good knees and could climb Dunn’s River Falls. It was fine to just sit on deck and enjoy the view from the distance, although I do miss hearing the native jargon.
Today is On Deck for the Cure photo op at 3:30. I bought a tee shirt and will proudly wear it in memory of Marj. This is the breast cancer project that Carnival has, and a worthwhile project. Bee will be there, but she is all cured. Hooray!!!! Tonight is formal night; tomorrow is a sea day. I wonder what Parker is doing right now...probably napping, something he does really well.
Cheers, mon!

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