Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Happy birthday, Marj!

Today would have been Marj's 73rd birthday, but that nasty old breast cancer took her life last April after a valiant 10-year battle. When Dick took me to Miami as a new bride back in '68, Marj was my mentor and friend. She was also his oldest sister. Marj was extremely helpful in my transition to that strange, new city...helping me learn my way around, and teaching me new sewing skills in one of her many classes as the county 4-H cooperative extension agent.

Marj had such a gentle spirit about her. She loved her family and friends. She loved traveling, especially with Sherman in the RV. We all miss her very much. Parker and I just went outside and sent some bubbles up to heaven. We hope you enjoyed them, Marj, cuz they were filled with love!


Joy said...

What a great picture and a tribute to a lovely lady, who is greatly missed.
PS It's snowing in Podunk! About an inch on the ground at my house and 30 degrees. I'm staying home in the morning - yay!

Sandy & Dick said...

Thanks for the sweet words. She was indeed lovely inside and out...stay snug and warm!...miss ya!

HaleyD said...

I was blessed to be a recipient of her generous love and time throughout my life, and Aunt Marjie is greatly missed. I remember a fun trip in the motorhome long ago with Jeff singing while sprawled out on the back bed. (I won't even begin to retell the story of when Mom & Marj were in one car driving to Blairsville while Jeff & I were in another! Our chosen route wasn't quite the same as theirs...)

We love & miss you, Marj!!!

Jeff said...

How nice of you to remember my mom this way! Me being in Denmark the last 12 years of her life, we communicated a LOT via the internet -- email and chat -- so I'm sure she's listening somewhere up in the e-zone. :-) I was so lucky to have such a wonderful mom, and still lucky to have a loving family that benefited from her love, too.

Happy travels on your coming cruise! Sounds like a lot of fun. We'll be on Gran Canaria a week next month, then a travel dry-spell 'til 2 trips down to Germany in April and May (Munich & Berlin).