Friday, January 4, 2008

Liquid sunshine...

This picture is a prettier choice than what we are actually seeing outside. It has been overcast and raining off/on all day. At least it warmed up, but we still need a jacket when we go outside. I know y'all feel sorry for us, and we appreciate it.

I have actually spent a good part of the afternoon working on an online scrapbooking class that Haley got for me. Love it! I have a lot of old Bell photos that I'm gonna scan into the puter this winter to preserve them so that I can share with the rest of the family. Big project! And I have a very nice box of stamping goodies from Amy to play with. Wow...and a Christmas photo album from Joy to fill up. Mucho projects!!! Rainy days maybe aren't so bad after all, except for the slight snoring sounds coming from the guy on the couch:-) Gotta love him!

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