Tuesday, January 22, 2008

John's birthday party!

John Heald's birthday cake
John's birthday dance...y'all wave!

Another sea day, but with a bit of sun for the sun worshipers...not us, of course. John, cruise director, did a live blog this morning with Q&A from folks all over the world and questions from the bloggers in the theater. He is a real hoot. Today is his 43rd bday, and the "Evil Crew" worked with John’s wife Heidi and the wonderful Carnival staff to pull off a surprise bday party for him this afternoon, complete with a beautiful sheet cake with a 3-D dog house (and dog) on top, since John is always relating on his blog that he often stays in the doghouse. The scrapbook that we all worked on was presented to him and Heidi, as well as a charm bracelet given to Heidi filled with charms representing home state of each of the Evil Crew. I supplied a State of GA charm, of course. They were both quite touched with everything.
Another good dinner tonight...and more magic tricks performed by Charlie, much to the delight of us, Bonnie, Bill and Jean. I told Charlie that he is gonna have to perform them for our kiddies when we are all back in Mayberry:-) The ‘real’ entertainer for tonight was a comedian from Valdosta! He was very funny...and could have fit in my birth family for sure!
Tomorrow we will be in Grand Cayman, and we do plan to get off the ship! I tried once again to upload a current picture, but neither Bee nor I can get it to go through, due to the slow system. That is annoying. Oh well...I’ll post a few that I have saved. Miss y’all...

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