Monday, January 7, 2008

Monday, Monday...

Busy day today going through all the new cruiser emails. Those folks CHAT! We are doing some 'stuff' on the cruise, so I had to do a little shopping for items needed to take with us. No, not new clothes...just some fun things.

We are all to do a scrapbook page ahead of time...throw me in that briar patch. One side of the page is for us to put info/pictures about where we come from, and the reverse side is to be pictures/info about ourselves. Where to begin??? More do I narrow it down???Empress Bee sent out a plea to the group for help cuz she doesn't scrapbook, so I emailed her back that I would help with their page. Getting a few more supplies was on my shopping list for today. Haley/Amy/Joy--y'all come on down and join us in a scrappin' party!

And then tonight we enjoyed pizza at the Tieches ahead of the class reunion planning meeting for Dick and Johnnie's upcoming reunion. Where to have it? When to have it? Lots of choices/suggestions were thrown out. We go back next week to find out what folks have learned and then will make the final decisions. Fun group. We are blessed with lots of nice friends. And we'll meet some more on the upcoming cruise. Life is great!

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Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

yes it truly is! i have printed photos for the page and that is all. i never did this before. thanks for the help.

smiles, bee