Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday chores...

Just about every leaf you see in this photo is now either on the ground or is brown and barely hanging on. Dick got out the blower (not the super sucker) and got the driveway and back deck cleared off, thank you very much!
And really good news: Dick, Brian and Jason got the mower *unstuck* yesterday! Woohoo...and only one slightly smashed finger in the casualty department. So Dick is off mowing today, and I am doing a few household chores. BORING.

When I was a kid, my chore on Saturday was to polish the furniture and polish shoes. I thought about this as I was applying black polish to my black leather clogs a few minutes ago. And of course every day stuff had to be done: help with cooking, washing dishes (no dishwasher back in those days), drying dishes (my older brother and I took turns washing/drying). Our three younger sisters weren't much help at that time. And a room of my very own? Not until said older brother married and moved out did I get one. And we only had one bathroom for this family of seven, and three bedrooms. Kids today have it made...But they don't think so.

But, even though we had only ONE bathroom, it was indoors, and we had electricity and running water. I guess we were pretty blessed after all, although it didn't always seem so at the time!

It helps to keep things in perspective...and I do. So I am thankful for the gas dryer that is about to receive Dick's now clean work clothes. And for the furniture that is about to be relieved of its protective dust covering...under this solid house I pray for the safety of our troops, who often sleep outdoors under the stars or sun overhead...and often on an empty stomach.

Just some Saturday random thoughts. Count your blessings, y'all!


Linda said...

You are SO right about kids not appreciating what they have these days but that's probably because they have no idea or concept that it was ever otherwise. We never had a dishwasher when I was kid so I always did dishes and helped out in the kitchen along with other housework. Saturdays were spent "policing" the yard of trash and weeds and we had to make our beds every day before school. My Dad was military so expected things to run a certain way though he wasn't overly strict. Plus we got an allowance, which was nice. It was only 25 cents a week but back then that was a lot!

I sometimes wish we could put our teenagers today into a time machine and send them back for a chance to see what it was like!

Hope you have a great Saturday, I'm going to be heading out to the yard soon to try to get the rest of my leaves corralled and bagged but it's chilly out there!!!

barb said...

I didn't get my own room until my divorce! Well, except very briefly I did have my own room in the attic that my Dad and I worked on, but almost as soon as it was done, they sold that house and I was back in with the 3 sisters and the latest baby.

Have a wonderful day! Big hugs ♥xo

Haley D. said...


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

lovely post, i loved this! did you take your fish oil today? ha ha ha

smiles, bee

ivana said...

Ciao you all!!!

I should have many things to tell about...the same things!!!But I'm not able to write long comments!!!
I like these tales of our childhood, i knew the war, I was litle, but i remeber allthe difficulties my mother had with the work at (on) the fields, no workers for the fruittrees, so after 5 years at the war, my father had to begin everything again...
My sister and I had not msny toys or dresses...and shoes, and now we have got too much!!!!

ha!!! i polished the door- and furniture handles each saturday!!!!

chunkygal said...

My job was washing the cars and doing the dishes. I also did the ironing (remember what that is). We also only had one broom...and a "party" line. I can't imagine that now. Everyone has their own phone!

Anonymous said...

I'm counting em!

Amazing Gracie said...

My folks owned a biz that was open seven days a week, so chores were spread out over the week. I remember hanging out laundry, then bringing it in and folding it. My mom would sprinkle them with water then iron for a day. She ironed EVERYTHING. I also remember taking our stuff to an "ironing lady." Can you imagine? Smiles...
My grand kids are the spoiled ones, and now the g-grands. And I tell you the truth - it's the parents that are doing the spoiling.
My blessings are many, especially my hubman.