Friday, November 27, 2009

Four little turkeys...

The Thanksgiving feast was fabulous...we had enough food to feed a small army... they all came back tonight (minus Dan and Joan) to clean up the leftovers. Now these little turkeys have gone to their homes and it is bedtime all around here in Mayberry. So I'll say good night and sweet dreams on this Black Friday.

Oh yes, sister Nan has a new granddaughter, as of about 4p today. Autumn made her appearance in South Georgia. Welcome! I have a pink surprise waiting for you.

Did anyone go out shopping today, besides Barb? Not me!


Anonymous said...

I didn't get any cranberry sauce... shame on me!

Sandee said...

They are best kind of little turkeys. Just saying. How fun.

Congratulations on the newest member of the family. Just one more thing to be thankful for.

No I didn't go shopping today. I won't venture out until Monday. I can't take the crowds and I hate to shop.

Have a terrific nights sleep. Big hugs. :)

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

not me either! the furthest we went was a dr. appt. (what's new?)

smiles, bee

Sarge Charlie said...

Having family for the holidays is always nice

Haley D. said...

Such cute little turkeys! Thanks for the leftovers. :) They may have been even better the 2nd go-round.

ivana said...

Buongiorno cara Sandy!!!
I had a busy friday, and I see you had much to do for your Thanksgiving and for the next day re-run (appendix!)!!!
Do rest a while!!!
Congratulations for the new baby!!!

Have a great week end!

Joy said...

No shopping for me!
How wonderful to have them all come back on Friday!
Congratulations to Nan on her new little blessing.