Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday, wearing red!

This big bush that is just up the road from us is now almost bare of leaves. Sigh. Plus, we had frost this morning, so winter is seriously around the corner now. And the leaves are dropping fast.
Dick thought that mowing would one of our biggest headaches at our RV park, but he has learned over the years that the leaves are a much bigger problem. And they don't all fall at the same time either, so he has bought a super sucker that sucks them up after they have been sort of piled up here and there. Of course it has to be done over and over. Hmm, that sounds a lot like housework, except that goes on year round and is never ending!

Do I hear a big AMEN from you gals?

I'm wearing RED in support of our troops and I hope you are too! They especially need it right now. My heart goes out to all those affected by the Ft. Hood massacre.

So now I am off to finish laundry, chase a little dust around, and straighten up after two wee boys, who were here yesterday. Count your blessings!!!


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

you are now heading into the season up there that i don't like. come on down!!!

smiles, bee

barb said...

Amen! Sadly, I have been ignoring houswork lately in lieu of remodeling. I can multi-task, but I can't do everything! :-)

Big Hugs ♥xo

chunkygal said...

I love burning bush! It is such a highlight of the natural landscape.

Linda said...

Can I get a double amen being that I do the housework and the yark work both?? Man, I'd love to have one of those super sucker leaf things, it would make my life a lot easier!

ivana said...

Ciao Sandy!!!
...when the ground is trocken!!!
Blessing for all the boys!!!

Have a great Saturday!

Sarge Charlie said...

If that is a burning bush, I have never seen one that big.

I am deeply saddened and mad as hell about Ft Hood, I hope the bastard lives so Texas can execute him.