Thursday, January 21, 2016


Mayberry got just enough snow yesterday afternoon for the kids and critters to enjoy playing in. Haley took this photo of Alex on their deck. Faith posted videos of lil Haley and Madison sledding down their hill. They got more snow N of town than we did. That doesn't break my heart.

Amy did very well with her surgery yesterday, so the doc released her this morning. She is now in her own bed happily sleeping. I am cuddled on the couch with her two furbabies, while the other one snoozes on the kitchen floor. Easy duty I have!

Amy and I are toasty warm inside, while Jason goes off to retrieve two wee boys...then it is apt to get a bit noisy with boys and dogs underfoot. In other words...normal!

WYWH...and I wish the sun would shine and keep the ice off the roads. Safety first!

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Sandee said...

Glad you're staying warm and taking care of your baby. It's all good. I know you'll be happy to get back in the warm weather of Florida.

Hope Haley had a great birthday yesterday.

Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs. ♥♥♥

Barb said...

It has certainly been cold enough to snow here, but I am very thankful it has not!

Amy will sleep well knowing everything is noisy. I mean normal. ;) I hope she's already feeling much better by today... which is Friday now. On account of the proximity of your posting time to my reading time.

Stay warm!! big hugs xoxo

Dick Bell said...

A rainy day in WPB... not worth going out today. Miss you!