Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tuesday, two boys

Alex is coughing and ran a fever last night, so I have both boys while Amy goes to a business luncheon. Tough duty indeed on this fall morning.

Be good to your kids...they pick the nursing home, so I hear. It's easy being good to our great kids. Blessed.

The weatherman said our leaves will peak in two weeks. The wind is knocking off a whole bunch of them already, while the sun is playing peekaboo this morning. I just want good weather for THE wedding this Saturday.

Brian and Faith. Saturday. Excited!!!

Germs, begone! Alex has a birthday coming up, and we have a wedding...no time for sickness this week. No sirree.

It's just another day here in Mayberry, y'all! It will be...good.

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Optimistic Existentialist said...

I hope Alex feels better soon. And I can't wait til' the leaves peak here!

Sandee said...

I hope the sickness goes away soon. You have lots to do this coming weekend it sounds.

Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs from our bay cruise. We move tomorrow to Vacaville Yacht Club. :)

Barb and the Gs said...

Oh, THE wedding! THIS weekend? YAY! Get rid of that yuck, Alex! ANd don't share it with anyone, please and thank you!

I hope I never have to pick a nursing home for my parents. Funny, just this morning I was wondering WHO will take care of me, since I have no kids. Bugger.

Have another blessed day in Mayberry. big hugs xoxo

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

they are growing up so fast! and bless that wedding!

smiles, bee

ivana said...

O blessed kids...the nursing home is so good!
Anather Wedding Day...and Birthday this w.e...life goes on!!!

Have an healthy time!

Big hugs, honey!!!

Joy said...

It won't matter what the weather outside is, there will be so much beauty and love INSIDE the room where THE wedding will take place, that the outside circumstances will just fade away.

Willy said...

Get 'em well...then get er done.

10-4 Willy

Willy said...

Get 'em well...then get er done.

10-4 Willy