Sunday, October 13, 2013

Boston Sunday

Brilliance views:

Good morning from Logan Airport! Y'all don't need photos of planes, right? These two are from one of hallways to the specialty restaurants and bars.

We had no problem taking the city bus to the airport, with one change of buses for $2.50 instead if the ship's shuttle for $27. No thank you. We are putting our savings toward an earlier flight home. Win/win to get us home about 3 hours earlier. We likey.

Ursula and Roy followed our path to the airport...and we ran into them again, having a good laugh over them stalking us.

MM is hooked up to his iPod and is playing on the iPad with Logan's free wifi. He likes. We have an hour before boarding.

It has been fun, but home is where we wanna be.

Life is definitely good. Happy Sunday, y'all!

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Sandee said...

This trip has flown right by. Wow, you just left. Perhaps it's because we are on our bay cruise and there is so much activity going on.

Have a safe trip home and tonight you'll sleep in your own bed. You'll also have to make same bed. Bugger. Big hugs. :)

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Wow that ship is so neat looking!!!

Barb and the Gs said...

Love free wifi and an earlier flight! I'm always anxious to get home.

Well, except maybe after a cruise. ;)

Safe travels to your favorite Some Sweet Home. You probably passed Tina in the air on her flight from from Atlanta TO Boston. haha! big hugs xooo

Joy said...

Safe trip home, my friend. Looking forward to seeing you.

Jean(ie) said...

Free, cheap, and early! Love it! Have a safe trip home! :-)

Haley D. said...

We're glad that you made it home, safe, sound, and early!

Lucky Lady said...

Glad you are home safe and sound, home is where I like to be