Thursday, June 16, 2011

High over Copenhagen

Nephew Jeff sent these recent photos from crane over CopenhagenCopenhagen.  This first one is from the ground, looking up.  Anyone interested in going up there???


Jeff says:

we were busy having dinner 150 feet up in the air hanging by crane over Kongens Nytorv (Nyhavn in the background) with a sunset view to Sweden!

Now this is beautiful!  Dick and I have been there (on the ground) a couple of times…so have Brian, Amy and Jason.  Haley and Logan, y’all need to go over.  See what you two are missing!  Cheers, Jeff and Bjarne!  They are excellent hosts.

Jeff, Bjarne on high

This is a photo Jeff took during the Japanese Cherry Festival:

Japanese Cherry Festival, C'hagen

I hope you enjoyed this little trip across the pond.  We sure hope to go back there again some day.

We have been getting some rain here in Mayberry, and we sure need it.  I was noticing that I haven’t seen any deer in awhile, then wham…one was up by the shop two days ago, and just yesterday, two crossed over our front yard!  They are beautiful creatures.

Enjoy your Thursday…and be sure to count your blessings.


Barb said...

Ix-nay on the igh-hay. I could find a restaurant on the ground! The cherry blossoms look so beautiful! One of these days I want to be up nawth when they are in full bloom!

We had deer close to the yellow house, mostly at the RR tracks but not here at the Swamp. My sister Lynda has them all time time at her house. Every Spring they take great pleasure in munching all of her tulips just as they begin to break through the snow!

It's raining here now. Hoping it cools us off some! Big hugs xoxo

Anonymous said...

Dang, no wine for me if I were up that high... Hope they'd tie me to the chair. That way I know I wouldn't fall...LOL

ivana said...

Grazie, Sandy!
Interesting experience... on board. I think I'll remain on the ground!'s season, I like them!

Have a lovely Thursday with your guests!!!

Big hugs!!!

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

wham? there it was!

smiles, bee

Sandee said...

I'm pretty much with everyone else here about staying on the ground. I sure wouldn't have a glass of wine up there either. I'm with Lois on that one. I would love to visit and explore Copenhagen though. Awesome.

Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs for you and Dick and lotsa scritches for Missy. :)

Linda said...

Even though I have a fear of heights most times I think I'd like to at least give something like that a shot. Seems like ever since I've started taking pictures, I don't have as many fears as I used to! Anything for a good photo, eh? Well, maybe not bungee-jumping ... !