Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New addition

new deckMM asked me recently if I would like a cantilevered deck over the water. Sure…our lake levels fluctuate, so we have no beach to make getting out of the water easy. Plus our big dock is still next door and a wee hike for anyone having walking issues, so this was a perfect solution for many reasons. Remember that ‘new’ diving board on our deck? Note the ladder on this lower deck. Bingo!  Eureka.  I can see a connection.

Dick did try out the diving board while I was away last weekend, which probably prompted the idea for this new addition, ya think? I think! I can also predict many miles of swimming for some wee kids between here and the dock next door. Love it!

No wonder Dick has two knees hurting, with all the squatting he did constructing this. Poor baby. He’ll never learn.  He is also known as Projects Man.  He does wear many hats, bless his heart, but a Tactful Hat, naw.  Not so much.

I’m loving our cooler, sunny weather.  It’s a perfect day for a few projects of my own…beading and stamping!  Yeah baby!

Have a great Wednesday.  That’s it from paradise, y’all!


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

well that is just tits honey! perfectly tits!

smiles, bee

Joy said...

Love the new deck and ladder - great idea from Projects Man! (and hey, if he were tactful, what would we have to tease him about?)
It was 58 degrees this morning when I went to Curves! You know I was loving that!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a swim party coming up at Bell Resort...LOL

Sarge Charlie said...

very cool, mm needs to learn to take care of himself.

Sandee said...

He's very handy with everything and all of us know that. I had to chuckle about the tactful comment because I fall into that same mold. Bwahahahahaha. Good for us.

Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs from hot California. :)

Haley D. said...

Hey! I wondered what I was seeing down there Sunday night but was too lazy (and too stuffed!) to go look! Missy was also distracting me with her antics- hanging out on the other side of the railing.

ivana said...

Ciao Sandy!!!
Wow MM made a great work...his projetcts are perfect!
I come back from a long week end with friends, they left today!!!


Willy said...

Willy wants to move to your paradise.

10-4 Willy