Monday, June 13, 2011

Search and rescue

First of all, let me say that this story is true and has a good ending.

We learned at our Father’s Day dinner here last night (which was good, by the way), that Brian had gotten a late afternoon phone call on Saturday from a friend, saying that she and her hubby had been cycling earlier; she left him to do one more loop in a forest service area while she went on home.  He should have been home a couple of hours earlier; it was after 4, and still no hubby.  She was getting worried.  And cell service isn’t good where they had been cycling.  Brian knew the area well.

Brian grabbed his running shoes, jumped in his truck and drove the hour or so away to join the by now frantic wife to look for the missing hubby.  Hubby’s car was still parked where they had left it earlier; and his lunch was inside, uneaten.  Not good.

Now Brian’s friends are both ironmen participants, so we are talking about folks who are in excellent shape, but Jennifer had a slight injury and couldn’t keep up with Brian, so he took off running down first this road, then another, looking for Marty, and wishing he had brought his motorcycle with him.  He had Jennifer go back to the car, just in case Marty might wander back to it.  Other friends had been alerted, so Mark and Steph arrived to help.  Mark (a former EMT) called 911 and got those folks there, but they had the disadvantage of not knowing those forest service roads the way Brian did.

Long story shortened…Brian found Marty (also a former EMT).  He had hit a rock about 1:15, so he had been lying there for several hours by rescue time…and was very happy to see Brian’s smiling face.  Marty was certain he had a broken tibia, but he had managed to crawl away from the wet ditch he landed in.  And of course had no cell service.  Brian had to climb a hill to snare a signal to alert the rescue folks to their location.

Marty was airlifted out to a hospital at dark, and had surgery yesterday to fix his broken bone, so he will heal and be ready to ride again.

Brian was just a bit tired after his ordeal, but it was a happy-ending tired.  And if Brian had been the one missing, those guys would have gone out to search for him.  No doubt.  This mother finds that very comforting.

I told Brian “no riding alone in the woods!  Stuff happens.  I’m sure Marty and Jennifer are counting their blessings right now.

Life is good, y’all!  Don’t take it for granted.


barb @iPhoneographi said...

Thanks for stating up-front that the story had a good outcome. I do the same thing, when appropriate.

Wow, his wife must have been beside herself with worry! And how slowly did time pass while Marty lay there and waited for someone to find him!

Brian is a wonderful friend!

Big hugs xo

Traci said...

OMG! I am so glad everything turned out well. Way to go Brian! Good job! Sandy, I am glad you told us at the beginning that the "story" had a good ending.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad it had a happy ending. Hope Marty heals quickly. I understand the worry thing. I'm sure you gave Brian a BIG hug... Thank God he was there...

Joy said...

I agree with Barb & Traci - thank you for tipping us off to the good ending to this story. Good friends are treasures, and Brian is certainly a good friend. And this is yet another reminder that life can change in an instant. Sending get well wishes for Marty.

Lisa said...

Wow! What a start that must have been for all. Glad there was a happy ending for sure.

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

oh my GOSH what a horrible thing, thank goodness brian was there! way to go guy!

smiles, bee

Marilyn said...

So happy this had a good ending. That is so scary.

Linda said...

Wow, that could have been so much worse; I can only imagine how panicked Jennifer was and no doubt throwing one self-recrimination at herself after another for not having stayed with Marty.

I am so glad that this had a happy ending and so happy for you that you have the kind of son who will go out and do this sort of thing for his friends. You should be one very proud Mama, you have raised an excellent son!

Sandee said...

Never ride alone. EVER. Not a wise policy at all. I'm so happy things turned out well. Very happy.

Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. :)

Haley D. said...

Big hugs and kudos to the best brother around! Way to go, Brian! Big thanks also to Mark & Steph! I am so thankful that the injuries weren't any worse, that Brian was able to find him, and that he will recover from his injuries.

Brian said...

Thanks mom and everyone! Yes, I'm glad it turned out as it did and my prayers were answered. He has told me numerous times, via text, that he is so glad I found him. Me too!