Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas Food Court Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus - Must See!

This will put some HAPPY in your day for sure!

I am thankful for eyes to see, and ears to hear...for family, friends and our freedom.

Today involves only a little prep work in the kitchen.  We will actually celebrate our Thanksgiving Day on Saturday. It's a movable feast in our busy world, so Friday and Saturday will both be mighty busy.  And no, I am not partaking of "Black Friday."  No thank you!

Do you have a particular Thanksgiving tradition in your household?  What are you cooking?


ivana said...

Cara Sandy!

I think it's the best Christmas becomes its original meaning!
I wait for photos of your T.Day Dinner (see our Bee)

Thank you!!!

Barb said...

A movable feast is good. It's still a feast, right! Definitely NO Black Friday for me either. I think it's a horrible tradition.

Enjoy your day! Big hugs :]

And Miles To Go... said...

lots of prepping here too today. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Sarge Charlie said...

I love it, I could eat there....

Haley D. said...

Thanks for sharing the video! We are working around the house, doing a little shopping, and counting our blessings!

Carrie and Laton said...

We will be stopping for a couple of days somewhere in western TN for our turkey day. I don't do Black Friday either. Have a happy turkey day.

Sandee said...

I just love the Hallelujah Chorus. Thanks.

Yes, I cook like mom did. That's why I do Thanksgiving and Christmas every year. I'm the only one that paid attention to how mom did dinner. She's been gone since 1991. Gosh I miss her bunches. Wish we could have just one more day together.


Glazed Spiral Ham
Mashed Potatoes and Turkey Gravy
Buttermilk Biscuits
Green and Black Olives
Pumpkin Pie
Cherry Pie
Boston Cream Pie
Whipped Cream
Vanilla Ice Cream

We are going to be stuffed.

Have a terrific day honey. Have a happy Thanksgiving.

Big hugs.

WomanHonorThyself said...

love these..thank u! Have a beautiful Thanksgiving!:)

Linda said...

Oh my, that made me cry just like the one that Miss Bee had posted! I don't know why I cry when I hear the Hallelujah Chorus but I sure do, maybe because it's such beautiful music?

I so wish that I could be there when something like that breaks out, that would be so cool!

I don't do Black Friday, I want nothing to do with Black Friday, I am sick of hearing about Black Friday. I know that retailers have to make a living but seriously? Can't we have Thanksgiving in peace without being bombarded by not just the sales that start at ridiculous hours on Friday but even some on Thanksgiving night? Seems like nothing in this country is sacred anymore, doesn't it?

Shinade said...

Hi and Happy Thanksgiving to both of you. I am so glad you were on the Holiday Blog hop list.

I do so wish you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving day! I am home alone today. None of the family could make it in this year.

But, when they are here I do all the trimmings but our middle daughter is the turkey expert.

No Black Friday shopping for me either. I will be doing all of my shopping online this year!!

Blessings abound to you both!