Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Charleston and flying

Sarge was having a high flying adventure in my dreams this morning.  I don’t know what we were in or where we were, but Sarge was busy doing some fancy maneuvering to get away from someone hot on our tail.  Dick was in the R seat navigating, and I was in the backseat helping to look for our annoying traffic.  (That was where I sat on the flight to/from Charleston, so that part was very accurate.)  We safely landed; Sarge was having a fine time; all was well, and then I woke up.  That Sarge fella sure gets around…and always manages to have fun.

Do y’all dream in color?  I always do.  I read somewhere that only about a quarter of the folks dream in color.  Interesting.

So the Griswolds thoroughly enjoyed Charleston andIMGP2624 want to go back.  We parked at the Battery and walked toward town, enjoying seeing splendid architecture all along the route.  Many of these homes have three different types of columns on their homes…making use of ionic, Doric and Corinthian styles, one type per level.  Just because they can, I guess.

I happened to look north and spied the most famous smokestack in the world, which we discovered was the Carnival Fantasy docked IMGP2622 right there in downtown Charleston.  Folks could just walk off the ship and visit the old slave market (no slaves were SOLD there—it was used by the slaves to sell their wares and is still a neat market today).


Vendors sell a variety of items, especially the Sweet Grass baskets that are well known in Charleston.  Beautiful, but pricey.IMGP2673  I managed to resist buying one.  Faith found some interesting gift items, and Dick bought a new leather wallet to replace the one that went through the washing machine…unsuccessfully.

A visit to Charleston isn’t complete without a carriage ride.  We learned lots of history from our (retired teacher) guide, and saw many beautiful buildingsIMGP2628 with all manner of architectural details. We saw lots of gas lights still functioning with gas.  Many of them have been converted to electric lights, but not all.



And of course the very expensive Rainbow Row homes are IMGP2629a must see…




Did you know that Charleston suffered a serious earthquake?  Many buildings had to have earthquake cables installed to stabilize the structure.  Those end caps are decorative on this building…some are left plain ole end caps…but there is aIMGP2646 cable  that goes from wall to wall with a turn buckle inside to tighten it.  A few buildings just run the cables outside, which isn’t quite so attractive.

And ole Dan did a fine job of pulling us all around downtown:

IMGP2675 Lunch followed, with a coloring contest between Dick and HaleyIMGP2676, and even a few games of tic tac toe.  Both children were good sports.




And we had to at least go SEE the beachIMGP2683 and let Haley get her feet wet and collect a few shells.  There weren’t many folks out actually IN the water.  Even Charleston gets chilly in late November.



And then we had to go get cleaned up and ready for the party.  More to follow…


Barb said...

Now that does look like fun! I've never been to Charleston. I'll have to put that on my list!

Big hugs :]

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

very interesting post! beautiful city too! and loved the carnival funnel shot!

smiles, bee

ps: dick let sarge drive his airplane? bwahahahahah

Joy said...

What a dream! I enjoyed your pictures of Charleston, brought back good memories. I wondered if you'd do the carraige tour - it's a great way to see the city and get a history lesson, too. I look forward to the next installment.

Sandee said...

I had to laugh out loud with Empress Bee's comment about Dick letting Sarge pilot his airplane.

How fun. I sure wish I could have been there too. I've never been to Charleston either.

Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. :)

And Miles To Go... said...

wow, what an excellent place. I think I dream in black and white--not sure.

"Lois Grebowski" said...

Sandy, you're dreaming like I do. LOL! Love Bee's comment about Sarge flying the plane. Loop-dee-loops...right?

I dream in color -- I taste and feel in them as well. For me, it's a whole 'nother life...

Big hugs. I need to revisit Charleston. I went back in 1983 with mom & dad. Fell in love with the jazz band at the Mills House and she crab soup at Pooghan's Porch.

ivana said...

Thank you!!!

Very interesting...you had fine and funny!! I read just from the site of Ch...n, so you have also the photo of the famous modern bridge!!!

So glad, you can see so much of the world!!!
I dream in color...but I forget at once!!!

Elenka said...

I'd love to visit there, too. Maybe someday..
Thanks for sharing the great photos.

Linda said...

I'm pretty sure that I dream in color; I'll have to pay better attention tonight and see if I can remember in the morning!

I most definitely want to go to Charleston, it's been on my list for quite some time. Perhaps Barb and I will have to meet there some weekend - that would be fun and you could join us and be our tour guide!