Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday in D'dorf...

Today is absolutely beautiful as we sit in the lobby of the Ibis Hotel across from the old cathedral. We walked down the block and had our breakfast, as recommeded to do by Rick Steves...and now we are ready to sightsee here and then catch the train to D'dorf this afternoon. We have been to 10 countries on this trip...can you believe that? That a lot, even for us! Home sounds mighty good right now, and that is where we will be Monday afternoon.

A big Happy Birthday to Miss A today. She is 11...and we are going to miss her party. We will celebrate again when we get home.......for sure!

Time to go take more photos...ciao...miss y'all! Hugs to everyone. Enjoy your Sunday...we will!


barb said...

That's a lot of countries, for sure! No matter how much fun you have on vacation, you always look forward to your own bed!

Enjoy your flight back!

HaleyD said...

Miss A says thank you for the long distance birthday wishes!

We're all glad you've had another great trip. See you SOON!

Joy said...

Ansley's party was great, the weather couldn't have been more lovely, and she is surely a beautiful 11-year old. Safe travels home!