Friday, June 5, 2009

Back to Corfu…

Unfortunately, the captain just announced that we have a med evac to do, so we had to turn around and head back to Corfu after being outbound for five hours.  He says that this will not interfere with our arrival in Malta on Sunday.  I sure feel sorry for the patient and his/her family. 

Dick and I rode the city bus into downtown Corfu this morning with the intention of just walking, looking and doing some major people watching.  We wound up in the outdoor cafe where we sat with friends Mike/Jennie and Loyal/Margie on the Greek Isle cruise we did in ‘07.  We love wandering the narrow streets and seeing all the *stuff* to tempt the tourists.  Balsamic vinegar is going home with us…big spenders!

Bee, the food is GOOD; no one to ‘stalk’; shows are so-so, but that is a trade off on the small ships.  This ship is the former R8 (Renaissance) and has beautiful appointments all throughout…very nice woodwork, etc.  Our stateroom window is off to the side, not over our bed, and was labeled ‘obstructive view.’  Well, this view is VERY obstructed by the life boat, more so than on some other ships we have been on, but that is OK.  We are managing.  I know you feel our discomfort:-)

Dick watched blackjack awhile after dinner, but didn’t participate.  I decided to come back to the room and check email and do a blog update.  I have my priorities!

The weather has been fantastic—no rain at all.  Amazing.  Brian, we are doing quite well.  Thanks for taking care of Missy…are you watering my plants???  Miss you guys…and miss reading all my fave blogs.  I hate this paying by the minute stuff!  I am opening up a blog or two each day and reading offline…I don’t want to get too far behind!  Keep commenting and staying in touch that way. 



Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

gosh to go back five hours must have been a really sick person... hoping for the best there. i never mind the sea days though, my favs. thanks for all the info, love to hear the details.

sarge has been sick with a noro-like thingy and i am trying really really hard not to get it. we are not leaving the house either. have no idea where it came from either.

stay well and have fun. suffer with that window. i feel SO sorry for you. ha ha ha

smiles, bee

ivana said...

Ciao Sandee
Glad you enjoyed walking on Corfu, I hope that all passengers feel well, so the cruise runs safe and quiet!
Have a fine saturday!

Sandee said...

I hope all is well with the person that had the medical issue(s). Not a good thing to happen anytime, but during a vacation...even worse.

Just have fun and enjoy the terrific weather. Big hug. :)