Saturday, March 31, 2012

Scooter and Saturday stuff

Sweet Scooter

This sweet boy did not like his IV one bit!  Who does?!  He kept trying to pull it out, so the nurse had to REALLY tape it up.  It’s not easy being 3 and having unwanted things stuck to the body.  He enjoyed a Coke as a treat, and his request when his parents got him to the hotel?  Mac and cheese!  Check.  He got it.  And applesauce.  Good boy.

He is doing well and will be home today.  Thanks so much for all the good thoughts and prayers!  You peeps are important to me!!!

So the goal today before dinner/marbles is to download birthday photos and do neglected paperwork.  Neither got done yesterday, because I seriously needed to get the heavy (old) TV off the guest bed before anyone larger than a wee boy could sleep on it.

Isn’t that where you store your TV?  Well, it HAD been sitting on a desk that Amy needed as a desk, rather than a TV stand, so I made MM go with me to shop for something as a replacement.  A sturdy real wood bookcase did the trick.  The bed is available again…family and friends are welcome. 

Life is good at the fun factory, y’all!  I hope yours is, too.


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

oh bless his wee little heart, he is soooo cute. feel better honey pie!

hugs, bee

Barb and TheDailyGs said...

Love his monkey blanket! He's a cutie pie and I just know he's going to be so much better very soon. And be able to breathe better, too!

I currently have a great many things on top of my guest bed... Including my big (old) TV and 2 old computers. And possible a suitcase. Or some suitcases. Maybe. :)

Real life... it happens.

Have a lovely birthday weekend celebration. I'll be at the mall, rolling my eyes and sending telecommunications to my mother to HURRY UP! ahahaha! big hugs xoxo

Haley D. said...

Wonderful news this AM! I want to text Amy but have decided to wait on the off chance that they're sleeping.

It's good to hear that the bed is cleared off for guests. I am thinking we need to plan a GNI (girls night IN) to sort photos, etc.

ivana said...

Ciao Sandy!
the cutie iittle wishes that he is well soon!
Have a lovely Saturday, all of you!!!

Big hugs!!!

Sandee said...

I knew he would do well. Bless his heart indeed. Excellent.

No that's not where we store our television. You did make me laugh out loud though.

Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs from windy, stormy California. :)

Linda said...

I can't say that I blame the wee boy for not liking that IV stuck in his arm! Mac and Cheese and applesauce sounds like the perfect reward for leaving the darned thing in!

Not having a guest room I don't have a TV on the bed but I wouldn't be surprised if I did if I did!

Nothing exciting going on in rainy Connecticut today though I do need to go get some groceries at some point. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that the surgery went well. Had my tonsils/adenoids out when I was 5 and all I remember about that ordeal with throwing up repeatedly because of the anesthetisa.