Monday, March 12, 2012

Good job, fisherboy!


Little fisherman

Bringing home the bacon…….…um…fish!  Doodlebug loves, loves to fish, and his daddy is so good about taking him out to perfect his skills with rod and reel.  Safety and sunscreen always.  Good job all around, sweet guys! 

So this past weekend granddaughter Macey and I learned how to Facetime together.  She on her iPod; me on my iPhone.  It was easy to do…once I got closer to the internet tower so that I could get a strong signal.  I already knew that I can’t Facetime on my 3G phone service; I have to be on wi-fi, and to have a strong, constant signal, I need to get closer to the tower.   And so I did---in the car, since it was raining.  Ah the learning curve!  I hope to try it on the eyepad thingy with Amy later on today and see those wee boys…and hear about catching the big one from the sweet fisherboy.

Modern technology is wonderful…….when it works!

I highly recommend Barb’s Blackeye Pea Supper Dish.  You can check here for the recipe and photo at Dyer Dining.  I actually forgot to put the cheese on top last night, but will do that when we eat the leftovers.  A little macaroni would also be nice to add next time.  Pasta is always a good thing, right?  Oh the possibilities!

Have yourself a peachy day.  Life is good in windy paradise, y’all!


Barb and TheDailyGs said...

Male bonding time catching fish... how marvelous that his fisherdad does this with fisherboy. Lifetime memories and a meal! Win-Win!

Glad you enjoyed the stew. It's been a go-to quick and satisfying supper of mine for many years! I pt celery in mine, too. Most times I leave out the bell pepper. You can toss any veggies in that you want, too.

Enjoy the day. I'm resting mt weary bones today. I'm taking orders though! :)

big hugs xoxo

Linda said...

Stew sounds downright delicious right now - especially considering it's almost 1:00 and I've yet to have anything but a cup of coffee this morning. I'm so bad at that "breakfast is the best meal of the day" thing!

Congrats to Fisherboy on quite the catch! Looks like it's starting early to learn to have fun and relaxation at the same time!

ivana said...

Ciao Sandy!

a great school for the boy. to spend time with his dad by fishing!!!
A tasty stew...yum!

Have a great week, and wishes to MM!

Big hugs!

Sandee said...

Pasta is always a good thing to add to anything. Always. Pasta is to me like cake is to Empress Bee.

What a nice catch indeed. It's good for the wee ones to enjoy a hobby and fishing is a good hobby to have.

Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs from warm and sunny California. :)

Haley D. said...

Great picture of the fisherman! Mom got to come scrapbook while the boys fished. :) Macey loved chatting with you. I still have to figure out how to set up my facetime w/da boyz too.

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

oh nice fish!!!!!

smiles, bee

Lisa said...

Great catch!
I so miss fishing with my Daddy. Hoping now that Megan is older we can try going with him once or twice this year. Those were the best days, just sitting in the boat with him, listening to the radio and nature. And NOT talking, and yet saying so much. It's like that Trace Adkins song, Just Fishing! Yep, that's me and my daddy.

So glad the kiddos get to still experience the great outdoors. I think there's not enough of that these days.

happy tuesday, thanks for the memories this morning.

Marms said...

I love fishing too!