Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Just peachy


Everything went just PEACHY yesterday with my procedure.  I got a good report, was all the doc told Dick.  Guess he didn’t want to tell Dick how cute my colon looked!  Beautiful snowflakes were falling on us all the way to the hospital, making everything  a pristine white for our ride home.  I can see a few spots left up in the woods and on the carport roof, which makes for a perfect snow, in my humble opinion…here today; gone tomorrow!

I wound up sleeping all afternoon, so I need to kick it up into high gear today and get a few things done.  Boy howdy is it cold this morning—20.  I’m staying inside till lunch time.  Brrr…come on, sunshine.  Warm us up!

The plan for today is to get out our small fiber optic tree and a few other decorations and call it DONE.  Everything has to be put away by 12/29, and I want to actually MAKE some gifts, so that is taking priority over decorating this year.  Period.

Everything in life is a balance, right?  And setting priorities.  There will be no Christmas stress allowed around here!  No sirree.

Stay well, warm, and stress free, y’all!  Life is good…


Carrie and Laton said...

Glad everything is ok. How nice, a white Christmas. It is in the low 70's here in Phoenix today. Windy but sunny. I hear you on the decorations vs. time for gift making. I have the same plan as you. lol

Sandee said...

Glad you are okay. That's a good thing to hear indeed. If you go back in five years then you really had a good procedure.

I've not put up any decorations and am not intending to this year. I will say that I've invited my son and two granddaughters for Christmas dinner. We are having a fillet roast, mashed potatoes and beef gravy, fresh veggies, salad, fresh baked bread with butter and of course our usual desserts. So we finally got some Christmas spirit going here.

Have a terrific day honey. Stay warm too. Big hugs from California. :)

Linda said...

Glad to hear that your colonoscopy went well! The procedure itself isn't to bad - it's the prep ahead of time!

I still haven't put up any decorations myself but I guess I'll have to get to them sooner or later. I'm thinking maybe this weekend if the weather stays decent enough for Jamie and I to go out and find a Christmas tree somewhere. Then we'll see if Tesla can behave himself with it!

Barb said...

Peachy keen, jelly bean! Good news! It was 30 here this morning. My parents are both wearing their arctic gear. LOL.

No stress is best always, but especially at Christmas!

Big, cozy, snuggly, warm hugs :]

ivana said...

Ciao Sandy!!!
So glad that your colon is peachy!!!
Snow is beautiful on Christmas...I hope we can give love and serenity with our gifts...
We made the tree and tomorrow I put the statues of the crip...we have not many decorations!
Have a great evening!

Anonymous said...

Glad your colon is cute. We are all about cute colons. I left our tree in Nashville when I forgot to move our storage closet in the basement. UGH... oh well,,, maybe next year.

Debating right now on whether to trek over to the mailbox. Debating, that is... I could have hubby get the mail on his way in... LOL!

Sarge Charlie said...

holy crap, I am sure you have a cute colon, it is cold here brrrrrrrrr, freeze warning inland brrrrrrrrrrr

Haley D. said...

We're so glad everything went well!