Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday stuff

tired kitty

This is the way Scooter acted after his nap here yesterday, poor guy.  He has big brother’s fever.   Big brother is now better.  Macey has also been feverish this week, and now Haley has it.  Sheesh.  No strep or flu, but ‘bugs’ are definitely going around.  I am washing my hands a bazillion times a day.  Germs, begone!

Project galore around here—Christmas list checking, decorations (not doing a lot this year), gift making—the list is LONG. 

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet (I know smart Empress Bee already has finished hers.)?

And a major cold front is moving our way.

Please send hot chocolate instead!


Haley D. said...

Christmas shopping is NOT finished around here. There are some for whom I don't even know wht to buy! Not much is getting done this week w/bugs going around. :(

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

yeah you got that one right honey! ha ha

it's chilly here too. i hope that's not a sign of a winter to come because last year sucked!

smiles, bee

Sarge Charlie said...

christmas shopping, yep, we got a plan

Sandee said...

Hope everyone gets well soon and that you don't get sick at all. I hate being sick. I've too much to do all the time to be sick.

Yes, my shopping is done. Did the last of it on Tuesday. Feels good.

Thanks for your kind words on yesterdays post. I'm thinking about doing Christmas. Good to know that every family has someone.

I'm sending you a case of hot chocolate. Be on the lookout.

Have a terrific day and weekend ahead. Big hugs from California. :)_

Anonymous said...

that's probably how I'm going to feel after this weekend. Lots to do to settle into this place. Well wishes to the kiddos....

stay warm and dry. they're calling for 1-2" snow here... sheesh!

Barb said...

We all agreed not to do gift exchanges this year, but I did order my SisterDears a little doo-dad about a month ago. I know they will, too. :]

Germies begone! Ack! Sick is no fun.

Big hugs :]

Linda said...

Christmas what? Shopping? Oh that ...!

Actually, I'm going to New Hampshire for some tax-free shopping with my youngest brother and his wife and my cousin Amy tomorrow. We're going to go up early and make a day of it. We used to make the trip as an annual event but for some reason, we stopped going. I don't much care for shopping but I enjoy the rest of the trip and I guess shopping this time is a necessary evil - of sorts!

No doubt I'll be looking like your picture by tomorrow night!

ivana said...

Ciao Sandy...
it begins here too, Teresa at home, she has a big cold... today we were so busy with her!!!
I've not yet planned for Christmas...we want to do not so much!!!
I prepare my Christmas breads for all!
Have a healthy week end!!!


Barb said...

I have a new email and a new blog. I've explained on the blog. Stick a fork in the old one. It is officially DONE. Click on my name to find the new blog!

Have a lovely day! Big hugs :]

jc said...

Shaopping almost all done - it has to be because Christmas for us is next Saturday and then we head south to sunny, WARM Florida - you are correct Bee, last year sucked!!
We also have no snow - we have had a bit but all gone now - so much for the snowy north.
My problem is I keep finding new gifts that are 'just perfect' so I buy and there is no way I can keep them for next year so ...