Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday thoughts and things…


My best buds will be here for a meeting tonight, inspiration for me to clean house a bit, not that any of these gals would arrive bearing white gloves, you understand! 

We have a cultural program at each meeting, so I’ll be working on some ideas for that part, as well and the food part.  Oh yes, we always have food, along with our fun and fellowship (sistership?), so that Harry & David’s wonderful dip is definitely on my to-make list.

Sweet Ivana wondered about this dip stuff.  A ‘dip’ is frequently made from softened cream cheese or sour cream, with lots of good stuff added to it (chopped onions, spinach, artichokes, etc., and spices), and is served as an appetizer.  Potato chips, corn chips, pretzels or crackers are used to scoop up the dip, hence the name and the action—dip the chip into the dip.  But NO double dipping!  There are a bazillion recipes for dip that can be found in the Appetizer section of cookbooks and online.  Some appetizers wind up being the whole meal.  It happens.

So the knee decision is to rock along and avoid surgery a little longer.  After all, techniques and tools just keep improving, right?

Today is all you have; make it a great one, y’all!  Don’t be afraid…

Ghost Boo


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

oh you can dip raw veggies too! i love that, like carrots and celery with a cream cheese onion dip.

have fun honey, i know you will!

smiles, bee

Anonymous said...

Have fun... I'm glad you're holding out on surgery. It scares me to have to knee surgery. It usually sets the precedent for more.

Enjoy dippin' with your sistahs!

Barb said...

You can dip fruit and cookies, too! I love dip! and gravy.

Yay for holding off on surgery. What Lois said.. it's usually followed my more.

Have fun with the sistahood! Big hugs :]

Sarge Charlie said...


Anonymous said...

no double dipping here either :) YUMMY dip. Have a great day!

Linda said...

Oh dear, now I'm craving a nice artichoke dip with pita pieces and there's nothing like that anywhere around this house! Add on the fact that I'm going to work in a few hours and I won't be getting any there either!

I think it's a good idea to postpone surgery if you don't need it right now and wait for some of those new advances they're always having to come down the pike.

Enjoy your time together with your friends and dip a few chips for me!

Sandee said...

We have like dips at our boat outings. All kinds of dips from chutney to whatever. Love them all. I'll be over for the sisterhood do.

Okay on no surgery right now. You are right though as there are advancements in surgery techniques all the time.

Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. :)

ivana said...

Ciao Sandy!!!
I was so busy, my son comes to lunch every day at 13:40 till 14:20, he works by a bank, Agnese comes at 14:20 to lunch, then she has dance, Tommy has athletics at 18.00 so you see we have to drive many times, to day I cooked a big focaccia for the kids!!!
Dip with cheese and cream...off limits, cholesterol...we have sometimes row veggies with oil, lemon, salt and vinegar!
Appetizers are an "unknown branche" of my cooking! ha..ha..ha!!!
Wishes for your knee!!!
Much fun on your meeting!!!

Papertracks said...

I really miss my land chapter. Have fun at yours. Dip for me too.

Elenka said...

dip de dip ditty.....love dips. Have fun munching.

(Just a note....love your blog, but is anyone else having a really hard time reading the words on all those stripes? or am I the only one that has stripes under the words....)