Tuesday, October 5, 2010

If it's Tuesday, it's the Griddle...

Breakfast for lunch.  I like that.  And visiting with friends.  And making plans for our upcoming trip.  Friday is rapidly approaching.

So where are we going?  To Washington, DC!  We have reservations at a campground in Maryland for the moho and for the fifth wheel.  Lots of fun stuff are in the works.  The wee girls have the Smithsonian high on their want-to-visit list.  Of course we could spend the whole week there, but there are many other places we want to visit, so we'll have to pick and choose and prioritize. 

High on the list to visit is the National Cathedral.  We have close family ties there, so this is a definite.

Any suggestions of other places to visit? 

Life is short...make fun of it!


Barb said...

Breakfast for breakfast is good, too! And sometimes even for dinner!

I'd also love to spend a few days at the Smithsonian! Lucky wee girls! I spent many a Saturday in my pre-teen years at the museums in Boston! I lost all track of time when I was there!

Maybe you should stock by and see the Oba... Oh wait. Never mind.

Big hugs :]

And Miles To Go... said...

I know you'll just have a blast in DC. Give me a high five wave if you pass by Baltimore!

Sarge Charlie said...

stop by the wall and say hi to my friends.

ivana said...

Ciao Sandy!!!
Great travel! Very interesting for you, I bet!!!
I wait for the pictures, of course!
Meanwhile I search on Internet!!!


Haley D. said...

Ansley has started a list of the things she wants to see (that's our girl!) so when I get it I will send it to you too.

Sarge, we will definitely stop by the Wall.

Carrie and Laton said...

I highly recommend the trolly tour. You can get off and on as you like. My sis & I were so happy we did that.

Anonymous said...

I like Breakfast for dinner ("brinner"), too!

Amazing Gracie said...

I like to fix breakfast for dinner. I hardly know what I'm doing early in the a.m. Dinner is less risky!
~~Never been to D.C. I have some wonderful photos of my folks in their winter coats and my dad with his fedora back in the early forties. Would love to visit!