Sunday, June 13, 2010

We're leaving, on a small plane...

Dick and I are pointing this baby south,flying to St. Augustine today. I know, Florida in June doesn't make sense, but his niece and her family from up nawth are coming down, so we are having a bit of a family gathering there, since we rarely get to see them. We'll all be gathering at Debby's house this afternoon for lots of food and catching up.

And an added bonus is that Linda will also be in St. Augustine for one night only, so we plan to meet later today. I get to meet another blogger friend...Woohoo!!!

Stay tuned for photos. Have a super Sunday, y'all!


ivana said...


Have a good travel!
Enjoy the family gathering!!!
I'd like meet some blogger friends!!!
Buon viaggio!!!

big hugs!!!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

have fun and fly safe honey!

smiles, bee

Sarge Charlie said...

my wishes for smooth air for your flight, a lot of thunder down here. We will be meeting Linda tomorrow for dinner and then breakfast tuesday. John G's sounds good to me.

Barb said...

Just read on facebook that you landed safely! Have fun and be sure to stay cool and hydrated!

Big hugs xo

Sandee said...

Have fun honey. I know you will. Big hugs. :)