Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bag check...

Purse. Check. Dick's backpack. Check. My rolling computer backpack. Check. And two bags for clothes. Check. Filled up and ready. Not checked!

This was the scene when we left home in June for the last cruise. We have this packing business down to a pretty fine science, so everything has a place and everything we pack gets used. We'll be in spring/summer/fall climates on this journey, so we have to pack clothes that can be layered. Yep, we can handle that. Basic black pants, and a variety of tops, throw in a few scarves, a sweater, jacket, my two wad-up 'formal' outfits, and I'm good to go. The fashion police won't be cruising with us.

And Dick? A couple of pairs of jeans, grey dress pants, blue blazer (for dressy nights -- tux stays home), khaki pants for all other nights, some shirts and a windbreaker. Oh yes, and a tie (he hates those). That'll do for him. Simple.

I'm checking my list...and marking things off as they either get done or get packed. I like doing that...then nothing gets forgotten.

Future blogs set up. Check!


Sandee said...

Sounds just like the packing we do for our 12 days, 11 nights bay cruise. When you are living on a 34 foot boat you learn how to dress smartly. I can so relate.

I'll be right there with you on the cruise. Don't you worry about that. Friday night I'm being sworn in as vice commodore of our yacht club. Second in command. I'm loving it.

Have a terrific trip you two. I'll miss your visits, but will await your return. Big hugs. :)

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

yay you!!! and we go in less than two weeks so i am thrilled about that too! have fun honey, we'll be there with you!

smiles, bee

Lois Grebowski said...

you pack like we do. Only difference is that I obsess about it (via a spreadsheet) before I pack.

Have fun and have a safe journey!

Sandy B said...

Haha...I remember the obsessing you did for that first blogger's cruise! Oy...I don't do that even when I am home! Too much work.

Hugs to all...

Julia said...

What? No unders? No jammies? No socks? LOL! I am jotting down your list for when we start going after we move. Hope it isn't too cold when you go around the Horn! Can't wait to read the travelog!
Love you!

ivana said...

Ciao Travelling Sandy!!!
You are well-organized!!!
It's a very interesting travel...and it's so go towards...summerdays!!!!

Have a great thursday!!!!


Sandy B said...

Julia, you'll have to come to Mayberry for my BSP 'packing program.' The sistas have requested that I do that one again! Normally Dick and I each take one backpack and one carry-on rolling suitcase. That's it! Cruising requires more duds though, as does this trip with lots of climate changes.

Glad you are coming along with us...