Saturday, December 19, 2009

Friday night at sea…now Saturday!


Red alert—what is that?, someone asked.  The whole ship was under somewhat of a quarantine after a few outbreaks of some GI problems amongst some guests/crew members.  Not many, but it was enough that the whole ship had to be constantly sanitized, and there was no sharing of anything, from serving spoon handles to passing the butter dish.  Everything had to be handled by a gloved crew member, causing long lines everywhere, even to get a cup of coffee on the Lido deck.

All library books had to stay in quarantine for 72 hours after being turned back in, and the four of us had pretty much read all the books we had brought on board with us, or swapped from the lending library.  That section got closed pronto!

I was forced to read a (free) Harlequin novel (a mystery, not a sappy love story, OK?!)   I had downloaded it and several others on my computer as a trial to see if I want to read books that way and as a last resort if I couldn’t get my hands on a real book.  It was a bit weird, but desperate times called for desperate measures, so read it I did, having to click to ‘turn’ the pages.  Hmm, would I want a Kindle???  No rush to think about that, although the size would be more appealing to tote about, rather than toting the puter.  I’m an admitted bookaholic and still love having a book in my hands…and no, I am NOT going on a 12 step program to cure my book addiction! 

So now the alert has been lifted and life onboard is back to normal.  This is formal night, the Black and White Officer’s Ball (referring to their formal outfits), complete with dancing, which we are missing by choice.  The four of us had dinner at the Italian restaurant tonight, which was fine.  They brought over two plates of cotton candy to the table after dinner!  I have never seen that done before.  It didn’t tempt me at all, however the Tiramasu was a different story…

We shall all be getting off the ship tomorrow while in port, our final port before reaching Santiago on Monday morning…….which puts us closer to getting home.  That sounds like a great plan!

Love and good night from the sea…

And now good afternoon from Pont Montt where we had a lovely tour of the area.  Wish we could have spent more time here.  Our driver took us up to the German area, then drove us around the huge lake where we saw salmon farming and lots of other normal farming and beautiful country.  Back on board the ship, lunch is over, and the afternoon is free to enjoy the views.  Life is good!!!


Anonymous said...

I'[m glad y'all didn't catch the GI crud. THAT would be miserable! I've seen a kindle. Got hubby one for Christmas. I rather like it.

Sandee said...

I'm glad you didn't get sick either and thanks for explaining the red alert. Makes sense.

Just enjoy your day as I know you will. Big hugs from cold California. :)

ivana said...

Ciao Sandy!
I do not understand GI,crud, kindle: the translator does translate the words that i know, but not the rare and difficult ones, they are a mistery for me!!!
I hope you have no more trouble on the ship!
Here 20 cm snow, minus 11 °C now!!!

chunkygal said...

Sandy- I have enjoyed following as this is our dream cruise, john has enjoyed it also. Keep it coming