Friday, December 4, 2009

Ola, Rio!

Rio de Janeiro is a bustling international tourist city on the NE coast of Brazil. Unfortunately, we will only be here for this one night, but we will make the most of it for sure. And probably find that we want to return and stay longer.

Will we see Christ the Redeemer statue atop Corcovado Mountain up close (named one of the Seven Wonders of the World)? Ride the cable car up Sugarloaf Mountain? Or see the permanent parade stand used during Carnival? Visit the famous beaches? Wow...what choices!

Brazil is the fifth largest country by geographical area, occupying nearly half of South America. The population is made up of many racial and ethnic groups. Portugese is the official language, and the Roman Catholic Church is the dominating religion, making Brazil the largest Catholic nation in the world!

Football is the most popular sport here. Rio is proud to host the 2016 Summer Olympic games for the very first time in South America. No way would I want to attend that chaos, but I am happy they will have this distinguished honor!

A very big happy birthday today to Dick's brother Bob! We'll lift a toast to you tonight at dinner. Cheers!!!


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

it's raining in paradise today, cat is here and sarge is getting two transfusions, hope he'll be better soon.

have fun, i'm there with you!

smiles, bee

Sandee said...

If we are in Rio why am I so cold this morning. There was frost on the pumpkin here.

Have a terrific day honey and a very happy birthday to Dick's brother Bob. I'll have a toast for him after my work tonight. Big hug honey. Have fun. :)

ivana said...

Ciao Sandy!!!!

Have fun there!
Here it rains, is cold, and no funny time!!!
buon compleanno to Bob!!!!