Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday fun...on the road again!

I'll bet you aren't surprised that our travel this time involves the moho. We are heading to Dillard with our camping club. Friends Mike and Jennie bought a new moho, joined our club again, and are meeting us there. We'll try to stay out of trouble, but I make no promises!
It will be a weekend of leisure, and no cooking for the gals. The guys always cook pancakes with all the fixings on Saturday morning, then we have a short business meeting. Dinner out or catered in for both Friday and Saturday nights, and a fun time visiting with friends. Life is good, right? No worry zone. So why am I taking the 'parish booklet' with me to work on??? Could be because of the upcoming deadline! Ya think???

Enjoy your weekend, whatever you do. Go have some fun. And please join me today in wishing a very happy birthday to dear friend and BSP sista Judy C! Judy, watch out for those bubbles heading to Kansas, especially for you. Aircraft alert!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Have a fun time in the Moho and being spoiled by the boys!!!!!

Callie Ann said...

Yes, sounds like your in for a good time.. Pancakes yummy. Hope the guys make ya happy!!!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

you WILL be eating at the dillard house, right??? ha ha ha

smiles, bee

barb said...

Sounds like loads of fun! Except for the church booklet thingy.

Happy Birthday, Judy C!

Joy said...

I hope you see some of that blue sky that's in your picture but I seriously doubt it! Have fun anyway!

Linda said...

And this is why you are called "The Traveling Bells" and not "The Sit-at-Home and Never-Go-Anywhere Bells"!

Sounds like a great weekend - enjoy every moment of it!

Sandy B said...

Our WE hostess brought over the agenda--no Dillard House this time. Oh well. Shiner's Restaurant was fine. Dinner tomorrow night will be catered in.

Linda, you made me laugh on our moniker. We figure we'll stay home when we get O.L.D.!

ivana said...

Ciao Sandy!!!

Travel? I think that's is pure travelling!! Air and road, here and there, you have got really a great spirit of adaptation!!!

Have fun, next week you'll work hard for the booklet!!!

Ciao, Buon Week End!!!
(Please: MOHO, can it sound motorhouse?)
Sorry! google or other do not translate the words which I do not understand, only the words I understand, funny!!!!!

Un abbraccio!