Monday, August 11, 2008

Day 8 - At sea - say HI to the crew!

Today is a day to do chores, maybe nap...whatever! Hope you are having fun!!! Tomorrow is our day to take the train to Berlin, so it will be a looong day, and I may not get on the puter till very late in the day. Stay tuned...I'm back....

Our sea day dawned far too bright today...good morning from the Baltic Sea...I awoke with a monster headache, no, not from too much wine. I was just overdue for such a happening and today was the time and it made me miss the Walk on Deck for the Cure, which I had wanted to do. That’s life for you; it respects no calendar, but I am happy it happened today rather than for our train trip to Berlin tomorrow.
Our entertainment last night was provided by guitarist Dr. Justin Miller. He did a special, one-time performance today at 3p, unplugged and alone. Last night the performance included the HALCats and the Adagio Strings (four talented ladies)...magnificent! He played everything from Bach to rock on his guitars and mandolin!!! Today he discussed Rogers & Hammerstein, Bing Crosby, Johnnie Mercer, etc., and the stories behind some of the people and pieces. Of course this interferes with one of the digital workshops we want to attend, but there will be more of those in the coming days. Speaking of, this is an overview of the rest of our itinerary, with times representing time in port:
8/12 Train trip to Berlin - 6a-11p
8/13 Arhus, Denmark - 10a-7p
8/14 Copenhagen, DK - 7a-5p
8/15 Oslo, Norway - 9a-5p
8/16 Stavanger, Norway - noon-7p
8/17 Bergen, Norway - 8a-5p
8/18 Torshavn, Faroe Islands, DK - noon-7p
8/19 At sea
8/20 Reykjavik, Iceland - 8a-5p
8/21-23 At sea
8/24 St. John’s, NF, Canada - 10a-6p
8/25 St. Pierre, France - 8a-5p
8/26 Sydney, Canada - 8a-5p
8/27 Halifax, Canada - 8a-5p
8/28 At sea
8/29 NYC and home!
I’m enjoying reading your comments, so please keep doing so...let me know what is happening with you! Hugs, y’all!!!


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

wow that is really a port intensive itinerary! me loving sea days like i do so much think i'd stay on the ship for a few of them! ha ha

i still can't see the new blog thingy you are able to do there. no invite yet.

i got to see grandchildren yesterday and granddogs. one granddog will be traveling to washington for the nuptials and new life.

still no stones passed yet.

curves today!

smiles, bee

ps: what did you have to eat?

Jeff said...

What a fantastic time you're having! Bjarne and I have enjoyed reading your blog entries this evening... getting caught up.

Looking forward to our day together on Thursday. I'll pick you up at 09.00, Langelinie (right?), then drive to Vejby picking up Bjarne from work along the way. You'll see our summer house garden, then on to Helsingør (Kronborg Castle), Louisiana Art Museum, Bellevue Beach & 450-year-old Bakken Amusement Park before returning to your ship. Stuff you didn't see last time you were here.

Enjoy all those AOBs -- we live in one from 1876!

Love, Jeff & Bjarne

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

What a wonderful trip you are having. I would love to go to all those places. I have blogging buddies in many of the stops you are making. How fun. Just enjoy your trip of a lifetime. Big hug and lotsa lovies. :)

Sarge Charlie said...

that is a very nice way to meet the crew. I love berlin, I was there in 62.

the donG said...

wow! nice shot! by the way where's the captain?? who's directing the boat??? hehehe... just kidding.

Lois Grebowski said...

Wow, that is sure a lot of ports! OY! I'd need a vacation to recover from my vacation.