Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Day 10 - Arhus, Denmark

Århus is a city of growth. With a population of more than 300,000, Århus is Denmark's second largest city. It is at heart, however, also Denmark’s youngest city when you consider the average age of its habitants which is far lower than anywhere else in the country. At the University of Aarhus alone there are nearly 35,000 students, and there is a total of 25 educational and research institutions in the city. But Århus is also a city with clearly visible roots, founded, as it was, by the Vikings in the 8th century.

Hello from now rainy Arhus! It was cool and beautiful for our warm, local welcome this morning, however the rain is now 'bucketing down,' so Dick and I played in the digital workshop. We went ashore after lunch and walked around Old Town. I now have a better picture of the 'canned' one above.
First let me tell y'all that I went back and added to yesterday's Berlin post, identifying the pictures. Yes, we did see each of those places, and we will get our own pictures uploaded on our Live Space.
We are back at the workshop, and Dick is sitting next to me learning how to upload videos. It is fun learning at sea...and we might be pretty good at it by the time we get to NYC!


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

so now dick is as smart as you? woo hoo!!! loving the posts!

smiles, bee

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

How fun honey. Just enjoy every minute. Big hug. :)

Loving Annie said...

Hopw interesting to learn all that history of all the places you are visiting !
Hope that the rain lets up, and you have a good walk around town.

HaleyD said...

So nobody's going to touch Bee's comment w/a ten-foot pole? LOL Glad you're both having fun!

the donG said...

rain really bothers tourists. just like here in the philippines. i have to cancel all my trips because i really dont want traveling when its raining cats and dogs.

Sandy B and Dick said...

Hey, y'all...I just let Dick THINK he is as smart as I am:-) hahahaha