Friday, August 22, 2008

Day 19 - At sea - Charming cabanas, all in a row

Our captain altered our course a bit and has been edging us closer to Greenland so that we can see a bit of the southern Arctic, with scenic cruising RIGHT NOW through Prince Christian Sound. These charming cabanas probably won’t be in use today at all, since it is a bit foggy and chilly. Yesterday the temps hovered about 52, and today it is about the same. We are seeing ice floes...and internet service is spotty today, being as we are floating between some high cliffs. Stay tuned for some awesome pictures!

Fall is falling in Podunk/Mayberry already...normal for August that some leaves begin to change color, despite the still warm temps there. We'll be there one week from today. Time is flying.

Our couple from Seattle, one from Victoria (Canada), and one from Las Vegas. We had a lovely couple from London for one night only, darn it! He is a London taxi driver, so he had marvelous stories to tell us. Our waiter and helper are both wonderful, as are so many of the crew.

Hmmm, we are slowing down...the captain idles the engine when we go through a clump of ice so that the prop doesn't have to act as an ice crusher. Dick just went out to take some more pictures. No, this is NOT the Titanic, so don't worry. OK, we are moving again and it is foggy outside. Dick is back; we were actually making a L-hand turn, so we weren't stopped, just turning a little bit. Don't you like this minute-by-minute account of happenings? hehe We are hoping the sun will come out and burn this fog off, but regardless, we'll upload pictures later on, so be sure to check out our photo gallery and leave us a comment here or over there... or check out Dick's pics at Having fun in the fog! Tell Parker to behave...hugs, y'all!


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

one week??? oh my gosh that FLEW by! i still wish i was there though! ha ha

smiles, bee

HaleyD said...

Traci's glad to hear that you're not on the Titanic! LOL

Anonymous said...

there's always the Grebowski maneuver