Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Day 17 - Reykjavik, Iceland

Hey, y'all! Sunny and chilly here in Iceland, as expected. We did the Hop on/Hop off bus again, which is a good, inexpensive way to see a city. Most of the apartment buildings are ‘60ish vintage (translation: not very exciting), with a few modern office buildings thrown in here and there. We passed their airport, which is a rather busy one, with lots of small aircraft doing training flights, which is always interesting to us as pilots. The large church downtown is undergoing restoration of some sort, even though it isn’t old, so we didn’t get to go inside. This is not a port to be revisited, in our humble opinion, given that there are so many other places we want to see!

Blogger Evil Crew nice to get a comment from you! Yes, I do remember you and hate that our paths will almost cross in NYC. We will definitely be gone by the time y’all come onboard that day, since we have a noon flight home. We’ll leave the Eurodam in your capable hands to explore and enjoy. We have three consecutive sea days beginning tomorrow, so I’ll be posting some ship pictures that you can check out...and leave me a comment. BTW, take the digital workshop and bring a laptop with Windows Live Photo Gallery uploaded onto it (it is a free program from Microsoft). The class uses that program and you can learn and upload pictures for FREE using their satellite. Check out my cruise photos at and Dick’s at . We try to upload pictures every day, now that we sorta know what we are doing! Leave me a comment, OK? All of you!!!

Lots of rumors flying about the ship on the missing Mr. X from yesterday. He is apparently traveling with his sister, so there isn’t a Mrs. X who will be making him walk the plank for being found in a room not his own, and not alone! And yes, Brian, Dad would be an ‘ex’ if he had been that now infamous Mr. X...and he would be a high tenor and useless, guaranteed, bless his heart! But he would never be in that situation just on morals alone. He was raised right. And it was certainly a humanitarian gesture to turn around and go looking for this inconsiderate clod, just in case he had fallen overboard...then the family couldn't say that the Eurodam captain didn't at least TRY to find him in the water!

It is so good reading all your comments. I do miss reading my daily fave blogs, so please keep telling me what is going with each of you. Later, y’all! Life is good...go cruising!!!


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

hey girlfriend! three sea days... ahhh. now THAT is what i love!!! and iceland was never on my list of things i wanted to see, you know how i am always cold! ha ha ha

off to the dentist! last visit.

smiles, bee

Anonymous said...

Have fun on your sea days... Nothing like the gentle rocking to make good sleep!

Eat some cake for me!

P.S. I'm glad Dick knows to behave...LOL!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

How fun honey. We are off for a long weekend on our little boat. We have a yacht club function in Pittsburg and as the port captain it's my job to get all the boats into their spots on Friday and get them all off the dock on Sunday. Have a great time. Big hug. :)