Thursday, March 20, 2008

Welcome to Georgia!

Hi from home! We got in yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon after an uneventful trip. We both got good knee check ups (hooray!!!)...good to go another few miles or so on the parts God gave us. That is definitely good news. All the local kids/grandkids came included dinner, too! Now that was a nice treat, especially with all the unloading, putting away, mail sorting...yuck. Just about makes me want to stay home. Naw, that's not gonna happen.

We were greeted to a dead phone line and no internet...that was not a treat. That will hopefully be fixed today or tomorrow, but it was just what it took to get Dick to hook up our internet satellite here at the new house. Yaaayyyy...we are back online, able to communicate with the world wide web! That's a good thing, since we have RV park reservations coming in right regularly now and I do need to stay in touch.

We enjoyed seeing the progression of spring as we traveled nawth. There were azaleas, dogwood and Bradford pears blooming in So. GA. Here in Mayberry there is only the really early stuff popping out--forsythia, daffodils, weeping willow beginning to open up its unique green coloring, and not very much else. Dick and I are both upstairs in the office right now, and were just treated to a small deer scampering across our driveway heading over to our old house. With today being the first day of spring, that's a nice all around welcome back home!


Joy said...

Welcome home! Glad to hear the knee news. See you tomorrow, I hope!
Hugs, Joy

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

glad you got back safe and sound and the old knees are good to go! sarge is at the dog track playing poker, nothing new here! ha ha

smiles, bee