Monday, March 24, 2008

Manic Monday -- "Eggs"

Empress Bee told everyone how to boil a perfect egg, so I'll now tell y'all how to make the best Deviled Eggs. After the eggs have cooled down, peel them, cut them in half long wise. Dump those pretty yolks in a small bowl and mash them up. Add enough mayo to give them a nice consistency; next add salt and pepper to taste and maybe a touch of mustard. Next comes the sweet pickle relish, along with some of the pickle juice. Mound the yolk mixture in the egg halves. Yummmm....Everything I Need to Know, I Learned from the Easter Bunny...
Don't put all your eggs in one basket.
Walk softly and carry a big carrot.
Everyone needs a friend who is all ears.
There's no such thing as too much candy.
All work and no play can make you a basket case.
A cute little tail attracts a lot of attention.
Everyone is entitled to a bad hare day.
Let happy thoughts multiply like rabbits.
Some body parts should be floppy.
Keep your paws off other people's jellybeans.
Good things come in small sugar-coated packages.
The grass is greener in someone else's basket.
An Easter bonnet can cover the wildest hare.
To show your true colors, you have to come out of your shell.
The best things in life are still sweet and gooey.
Note: I don't have the M/M box thingy figgered out yet, although I have signed up. Blame it on the snow that is coming down here in Mayberry...and it is spring! Later...


Villager said...

Happy MM! I've never cooked a deviled egg ... however, I love eating 'em!

As usual, my response this week to the MM meme takes Mo's word to a different place that is unique to the African American culture.

peace, Villager

Joy said...

Deviled eggs are one of the easiest things to make - I use ranch dressing and d'jon (however you spell that) mustard in mine rather than mayo, and a splash of pickle juice but not pickle relish. Hmmm, haven't made any in a while, I think I'll have to do that soon.
Now the sun is shining, 5 minutes ago it looked like a blizzard outside! Welcome to the mountains in springtime!
Hugs, Joy

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

that is exactly how i make mine but yesterday i was watching paula deen and she squeezed the juice out of her relish...

smiles, bee

ps: welcome to manic monday! mo is the greatest!

trying said...

pickle juice, I never would have thought of that but it makes sense. If I ever make them again (my son is allergic) I will have to try that.

HaleyD said...

Quit making me hungry! Mom's deviled eggs are the best, but Joy, I'd definitely like to give yours a try!!!