Saturday, March 7, 2015


Missy, KC
I only had about 3 seconds to grab my phone and snap proof that these two got cozy on my desk to share bird TV.  If only they had stayed there.  KC promptly moved to a different bird station, but Missy stayed…until I fired up the vacuum.  MM’s desk is immediately to the R of this view, with the windshield right behind him.  These locations are important points to explain the next event.

The noise drove Missy to a flight to the safety of her windshield bed behind the front curtain, via MM’s lap.

Being the good daddy he is, MM tried to grab Missy to comfort her.  She bit his middle R finger deeply, left a few scratches, and quickly hid in her concealed bed.  And MM’s finger is now swollen and hurty.  Of course he didn’t go clean out the wound when it happened.  It bled, so he thought that was gonna get the germs out.  Silly man.

He couldn’t even shuffle the cards when we played marbles yesterday afternoon with Ray, Lois and another couple (they came over here to the park).  Guys 2: Girls 1.  We need a rematch!
But MM got 48 miles per gallon on the way home in the “new” Prius, so he was pleased with that.  Yes, at 6’4” he fits very well inside.  Bee, I will be driving it back to Mayberry while he hauls our toad behind the Moho.  The Prius, unfortunately, can’t be towed four-wheels down.  We do have some future travel plans, using the Prius.

It is raining here, which is pretty much predicted for all day (do I go use the *boring* treadmill, or walk and ppl watch at the mall or Sam’s to get my steps done?).  We have tickets at the rec hall for a cowboy cookout tonight (chicken/ribs), so I’m thinking of making some potato soup for lunch.  Yeah, that sounds good.

Missy is snuggling and watching TV with MM, so I think all is forgiven.  He can still handle the two remotes, even with his hurty finger, so he’s a happy guy.  I will take him some warm, Epsom salts water to soak his finger in while they laze abed.  He needs all fingers working.

Life is never dull here in Paradise, y’all!


Sandee said...

Ouch on that finger. Ouch. He's not a cry baby, so he got nailed pretty badly. I'm glad you're playing nurse Sandy.

Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs to you and tons of scritches to the babies. :)

Joy said...

Soaking that finger sounds like a good idea! Hope it is all better soon.

Barb said...

Poor MM. Yup, not cleaning the wound was not good. I always have a cat claw mark somewhere but especially cat bites/puncture wounds are not to be taken lightly. I keep hand sanitizer everywhere and several large tubes of triple antibiotic around just to be proactive.

We're planning a little getaway trip next weekend. Which car will he want to take? My money is on the Prius.

It's in the mid-30's at the moment but we're supposed to warm up to the mid-70's. I hope. If I'm lucky I can do some painting with the windows wide open! Take good care of MM and have yourselves a lovely day. big hugs xoxo