Tuesday, March 31, 2015

One more sleep…


Palm tree, clouds

It’s a beautifully perfect day to finish up the stowing and stuff in order to depart tomorrow.  Tomorrow!

We both got lotsa chores done yesterday and rewarded ourselves with meeting the Empress for an early dinner.  She is looking and feeling great.  We’re gonna miss her!

And tonight we will sup with Team Awesome and say farewell to all of them.  Bugger.  Did I tell y’all that we placed second last week, losing by one measly point?  Not that we care…much.

Ole Man Winter isn’t entirely gone from Mayberry, but I will manage to stay warm and just enjoy being HOME.  There are soccer games to attend, end of school doings, family and friends to see…yep, home sounds mighty fine.

This is what the patio will look like by dinner time:

prep work2


Life is good (but busy), y’all!


Sandee said...

You'll be home and then there will be a new list of things that need doing. You'll get them done. There will also be lots of socializing with your family. That will be the very best part.

Glad you got to have dinner with Empress Bee.

Have a fabulous last full day in Florida honey. Big hugs to you and tons of scritches to the babies. ♥♥♥

Paul Pietrangelo said...

Have a wonderful trip back home. I hope that when you arrive home, the sun will shine and there will be a warm breeze. I'm happy that you had some time with beautiful Bee. See ya.

Cruisin Paul

Jean(ie) said...

Safe travels home. Bummer about that measly point. There's always next year. Happy Moho-ing!

Joy said...

Have fun tonight and then have a safe ride home! We're looking forward to seeing you. Hugs!

Barb said...

One point? bug.ger. But it'a all for fun anyways... but there's always next time! ;)

big hugs x0x0