Monday, March 9, 2015

Cowboy Stew

cowboy on horse

Cowboy Stew

6-8 servings

2 lbs ground beef
1/4 lb bacon
L can pork and beans, undrained
L onion, chopped
brown sugar

Cook bacon in large skillet; remove and place on paper towels to drain off fat.  Sauté onions in bacon fat, then drain onions.  Brown beef in bacon fat, then drain off all the fat.

Add bacon and onions to the browned meat, adding some catsup and brown sugar to taste.  Can also add a small can of tomatoes, barbecue sauce, tomato sauce...whatever consistency/taste that pleases your cowboy!


Well, the stew I mentioned yesterday really doesn’t have a recipe, so I had to think about the how-to when asked for it.

When I made the potato soup Saturday, I went ahead and cooked extra bacon and onions for another dish, not knowing what I was going to make; therefore, last night’s ground beef didn’t get browned in the bacon fat.  It wasn’t as good as usual, so don’t miss that step.  Max and Kathy liked it (and wanted the recipe), so here it is.

Bon appetit, y’all!  Giddy up…


Sandee said...

Sounds good to me, but that bacon grease can't be beat. Yummy.

Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs to you and tons of scritches to the babies. :)

Jean(ie) said...

You had me at bacon! Lol! Sounds yummy. Hope MM's finger is doing better.

Haley D. said...

Is this Chuckwagon Casserole? I haven't made it for the girls but I loved it growing up.

Barb said...

Are you sure you don't need more bacon? ;)

Ima try it! Plus I googled Chuckwagon Casserole and may have to try them, too!

Have a rootin' tootin' day, pardner! big hugs xoxo

Traveling Bells said...

Haley, yes! That is what I called it when y'all were little! I could NOT remember that name when I posted. It prob should be labeled chuck wagon skillet dinner. Casserole usually means oven baking I my way of thinking.

Barb, more bacon is more better for this dish for sure. I was happy MM was mostly outside yesterday! Beans love him...

Joy said...

That does sound good!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Sounds pretty darn delicious!!