Saturday, January 17, 2015

T minus 14…



…and this will be home for a whole week!  We are both looking forward to the eastern Caribbean cruise on this beautiful ship, with our favorite Cruise Director.  My tiara is shined and ready to go.

Two weeks gives MM time to get over (another) cold.  Bugger.  He woke up yesterday feeling a little punkish and by late afternoon, he was in bed with chills.  He feels much better this morning—everything…cough, cough…being relative.  He’ll live.

Sadly, we (maybe just ME) have a funeral service to attend this afternoon of a long-time local parishioner.  She was a teacher who lived a long and happy life, so for that, we are grateful and will celebrate that life and memory.

It is sunny but a bit nippy outside with all the winds (is it March already?).  I’ll take our 72 over 43 back in Mayberry, that is for sure.

Count your blessings and stay healthy, Peaches.  Wash and sanitize those hands!  That’s your PSA for today.

Live.  Laugh.  And Love, y’all!


Sandee said...

Sorry Dick is sick honey, but it's good to get the cold over with before the cruise. Being sick on a cruise sucks. I know because I was for most of the Hawaii cruise.

Sorry about the passing of your friend.

Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs to you and tons of scritches to the babies. :)

Barb said...

My coldolences on the loss of your friend.

Ack! Poor Dick. I do hope he doesn't have what we've had for now going into our 4th week. Yes, 4th. That is not a typo. Feeling much better but I just started with a bit of a sore throat and this stubborn little cough just won't go away completely. But I feel 100% better than the first week, which just happened to be the week my sister was here after Christmas. Bugger.

I actually checked out the blogger cruise because 1) I am SOoooo ready for another cruise and 2) I'd get to see you and Dick! But they didn't have any balconies left and I really love that the best when I cruise. Just sitting out there in the morning in my rlaxing clothes with my coffee and watching those magnificent sunrises. A miracle every day. Bliss I tell you. Well, half of the cruise... the other half of the cruise in sunsets, which are nearly as good.

Stay healthy!

big hugs oxo

Joy said...

Oh, dear, chills and coughs are not fun! Hope he is over it all very soon. My sympathy on the death of your friend. Enjoy the 72 degree weather. Hugs!