Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Overcast Wednesday



Name all the US presidents whose last names only contain four letters.  Think about it.

Oops, Minneapolis is not a state.  I know that.  Brian is correct – Minnesota is the correct name.  Obviously, I did not proofread my yesterday’s post.  Shame on me.

Have you gotten all the presidents’ names yet?  Team Awsome-less got it right, after some serious brain searching, but the question was not for the names, but for the number of presidents:  5 (Bush x2, Ford, Taft, Polk).  We provided both.

Our team was ahead for quite awhile, but we wound up in fourth place.  Bugger.  On some questions, wrong answers count against you.  We didn’t do so well on naming the 10 most popular Grimm’s Fairy Tales, based on the wrong answer penalty.  It is hard to think under “timed” pressure, plus it’s been quite a few years since any of us had read the fairy tales.  Better luck next week, so we can become “Awesome” again.

So today is overcast and cool, a perfect day for MM to go purchase some mulch to spread around and purdy up Paradise.  I get to vacuum, so that is a great trade off of duties…Blue jobs and Pink jobs.  I’ll take the Pink, thankyouverymuch.

What’s for dinner?  I have three boneless pork chops that need fixing………..into something exciting.

What’s happening on your Wednesday?


Sandee said...

It's grocery shopping day for me. Oh the excitement we have. Tomorrow honey makes the Costco run. Raleys today and Costco tomorrow. Fun? We haz it.

Sorry you ended up in 4th place. You'll do better next week.

Have a fabulous pink day honey. Big hugs to you and tons of scritches to the babies. ♥♥♥

Jean(ie) said...

Keep working on the trivia. You can do it! I know there's mega brain power at work there.

Got housework stuff to do. Just piddly stuff.

Barb said...

Minneapolis is NOT a state? Are you sure? And do they know about this?

Joy said...

Not my category, again! Ask me some music trivia, at least I'd have a fighting chance. Or ask me what the Virginia Tech mascot is! I was the only one on our team at church one time, to get that one - because I'd recently seen Ga Tech play the Hokies! I'm glad your team could come up with this answer. I'd have gotten some of them, but not quickly.