Saturday, January 24, 2015

MM, the gardener



This beautiful staghorn fern is one of two that Joan gave us when they sold their Florida home and moved.  We placed them on two trees on our original lot here in the WPB RV resort, but now that we are on a different site, I wanted to move one over here.  And so MM did.  He’s a great guy.

MM wove a nylon cord through the pups and wrapped it carefully around the palm tree to help keep it anchored while the fern attaches itself to its new location.  He fed it some sphagnum moss today to make it happy, so hopefully it will like its new location.  I sure love seeing this beauty outside our windshield.   Grow, baby, grow!

Our lunch with Neal and Judie yesterday was good.  It is always fun seeing them and getting caught up on what is going on.  We are blessed with some awesome friends.  Speaking of, hopefully we will see Empress Bee tonight!

The park social committee put on a “potato dinner” last night at the rec hall, providing baked spuds and a large variety of toppings…all for a small fee of $5.  We met some new folks, and enjoyed some “old” folks…and then pedaled on back to the coach for a quiet evening.

Old people are easily entertained. 

Oh, I got a good eye check up yesterday.  Good to go for another year.  I like that.  And it is one week till our cruise.  Seven sleeps.  Oh boy, oh boy!

Make your Saturday a great one.  We sure will…and will try to stay outta trouble!


Sandee said...

I want to come to dinner with all of you. Yes I do, but alas we are very far away. Bugger. Can't travel with Little Bit being sick either. It's all about her.

Love the ferns new location. I'm sure it will thrive.

Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs to you and tons of scritches to the babies. ♥♥♥

Joy said...

Wish I could join you for dinner, too! Enjoy, enjoy, and hugs all around.
That Fern is looking good, I bet it will be very happy in its new home.

Jean(ie) said...

MM is a good gardener. Yay for him! Glad the eyes checked out okay. Can't wait to see where you go for your cruise!!!!!!!!