Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hello, Sun!


Palm trees (2)

Nice seeing you again!

Name the girl group out of Detroit that had a hit in 1964 that was also a question.  Give the group name AND the name of the song.

I nailed both.

Still thinking?  MM and I both loved their music, and probably still have an 8 track of theirs somewhere.  Our kids will remember their music.

Answer:  The Supremes, and “Where did our love go?”  Ooh, baby, baby…where did our love go?  Ooh, don’t you want me?  Don’t you want me no more? 

I will probably be having this ear worm all day, but I am quite OK with that.  The sun’s shining, so I’m happy, happy!  Oh, our team had two new members last night, friends Max and Kathy from the park met us there.  We still placed third, which is not shabby.

Friend Jean-ie Weanie is having foot surgery today, so I am sending good vibes to her for excellent results and a speedy recovery.  She will be non-weight bearing for a few weeks.  Been there/done that, so I know what frustrations she will have over mobility issues.  I pray she will be up and kicking again real soon.

No cooking tonight, as we are meeting long-time friends Jimmy and Cathy for dinner.  We are looking forward to seeing them.   One of the perks of being in WPB for the winter is getting to re-connect with old friends.

I hope your day is sunny and happy.  Find something to make you smile!  You can do it.


Beate said...

I love your happy sounding post :) I miss the sun so much!
Have a wonderful dinner tonight and I wish Jean-ie Weanie all the best, too.
Lots of hugs for you,

Sandee said...

The sun was shining on Sunday when we came home from the boat. It was wonderful.

Loved the Supremes too. Great music.

I'm sending good vibes to Jean(ie) too. She'll do fine.

Have a fabulous day honey. Enjoy the sun. Big hugs to you and tons of scritches to the babies. ♥♥♥

Joy said...

I would not have gotten that one. I don't know which girl groups are from which years. Although I enjoyed the music. Congrats on the 3rd place win!

Barb said...

I got it! Ear Worm in lace. srsly.

Jeanie seems to be doing okie dokie and I am so glad!

Enjoy your dinner. And sunshines! big hugs xoxo

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