Sunday, November 30, 2014

Scary sounds

KC, warm floor

Our boy scared us last night.  We heard some awful animal noises outside way after dark, with no KC indoors.  Still no boy at 2a, or 4a.  Mommie was worried.  MM got up at 7, and there was the boy, minus his collar, wanting to come inside!

He is tired, but fine, and not telling anything about his adventures.  Butthead!  How do you put a kitty on restriction?

Since we are running out of November, I did my five-minute Christmas decorating yesterday—red bow on grapevine wreath on the front door, Christmas table runner on dining room table, fake tree placed in living room (topped by a red bow), and some Christmas tea towels.  D fer done.  Simple, no fuss stuff…because it will have to be put away before we head south to the land of palm trees.

I love the smell of a real tree, so I need to dig out my Christmas candles.  Yep, I forgot those.

Sure, I miss having a big tree, filled with all the special decorations we’ve collected and enjoyed over the years.  Those are part of the legacy we will leave for the children and grandchildren to enjoy, because I’m thinking big-tree days are totally over in this household of two.  I’m OK with that.

Have a great Sunday.  I plan to walk a bit in the woods, hunting for a blue kitty collar.  Chances are slim to none that I will find it, but I will try.

Life is never dull.


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

Put kc in time out! The little bugger! Lol

Smiles, bee

Sandee said...

I'm so happy that KC is okay. He's tired though and he'll sleep most of the day. Oh wait, they do that anyway.

No decorating for us anymore. It's just too much. Love Christmas, but done with the decorating.

Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs to you and tons of scritches to those sweet babies. ♥♥♥

Barb G said...

I had one of those kitty APB out last week. Little stinkers. Glad he's home safe.

I haven't put up a tree since I moved to the swamp about 5 years ago. I sure missed doing it and seeing it the first year. However, the second year I was like, "Boy, this is kinda nice not going to all that fuss."

big hugs xoxo

Joy said...

Whew -glad KC came home safely. Good luck finding the collar.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

A kitten's motto is "What happens outside stays outside" LOL