Saturday, November 1, 2014

Friday in Lisbon

Well, this is from yesterday, across the plaza, waiting in the HOHO bus (hop on/hop off), looking at our hotel. On the L.

More in that another day.

We rode two different routes yesterday for a fabulous overview of Lisbon. We stopped here and ate lunch nearby and changed busses:

Bob and Lynne arrived after dinner last night, delayed a day by an airline strike. Oh the joys of travel! We adjust. We four enjoyed the Terrace view after their arrival. We will be back up there tonight for sure. Totally in love with that spot.

So today will have us back on the bus, checking out other routes and seeing more beautiful and old stuff.

Yes, MM and I both are taking lots of photos...that will be posted later.

Making memories times four today!

Life is good, but I've gotta get dressed and get going. Adventures are awaiting!


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Sandee said...

I know you'll have a fabulous time. You always do.

Have a wonderful day honey. Big hugs. :)

Barb G said...

Glad they finally made it... and I know they are, too!

Enjoy! big hugs xoxo