Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Cartagena, Spain

This is an ancient city, founded more than 2,000 years ago. It is one of Spain's busiest commercial centers. The harbor is flanked by towering fortresses, and speckled with sections of old city walls, beautiful flower studded balconies, school children, and tourists everywhere.

Our bus ride was delightful. So was finding wifi to download messages. We were quite happy to purchase a Coke for the password.

MM and I enjoyed a stroll through the pedestrian area above, and seeing all the chatting school children on their outing. We sure miss our wee ones!

So we strolled back along the harbor to the yacht for yet another delicious lunch, and an afternoon of reading. Yes, we are enjoying the easy life for at least awhile longer...till Sunday!

After dinner, we sat and listened to the 3 musicians/singer till they took their break. There were 5 folks listening. Pitiful. Not the entertainers, the lack of audience.

Today we are walking around the old district in Almeria. Hello, Golden Arches!

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Dick Bell said...

Not sure what's happened to Burger King but in the last two towns they have been closed. A $2 coke at McD makes for reasonable WiFi.
Great warm weather and smooth seas other than the first night sure beats the 12 degrees in Bville this morning. Sure hope it warms up before we get home. Ciao from Spain.

Traveling Bells said...

Good report, honey! Hope y'all are impressed that he commented.

Sandee said...

I'm shocked that MM commented. I don't think I've ever seen a comment from him in all the years I've been visiting.

I'm happy it's warm and you're enjoying yourself. Yes I am.

Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs. ♥♥♥

Barb G said...

I saw one other comment that he posted... a day or two ago? ;) Good job, Dick!

It was 24 here this morning... better than the 20 they forecast, I suppose. More of the nasty old for a few nights but not as cold as last night. Your weather there is DEFinitely gooder! Plus, you're being rocked to sleep.

My all-time favorite spot on the Fascination is the Grand Atrium just down the hallway from my balcony cabin on Empress Deck 7 forward. There's a bar (happy face!), customer service, the internet cafe and some form of entertainer with some comfy seating and even a place to put my feet up.

Gosh. Now I really really WIWT. I so need to book a cruise soon.

Carry on then! big hugs xoo