Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Alpendurada Convent

We arrived in Bitetos yesterday just in time to disembark, board the busses, and take a short ride to a former convent, now a hotel. The dinner (and rooms) are in the building on the R.

We never saw the sun.

When the priests lost favor with the government, they were kicked out, along with monks and nuns from monasteries and convents, and the buildings confiscated and repurposed into military housing, offices, or whatever. Or sold off. The nuns were at least given dispensation and allowed to stay till the last nun died. We weren't told what became of the guys.

An older man bought this particular convent and turned it into a (not so profitable or well known) hotel. They were delighted to have our group...and we were quite happy with the good food. More photos will follow of the beautiful tiles, tables, and humongous fireplace.

So today is our last cruising day, but we then all go to a hotel in Porto tomorrow until Friday, so our Portugal adventure is not over yet.

Rain is expected all week. Oh well, we've been lucky on the weather, despite it being chilly.

We adjust...and all is well.

Many thanks to all veterans today, especially my own Maytag Man. Freedom is never, ever free.

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Sandee said...

Sorry you're getting some rain, but you're having a good time. You two always do.

Thank MM for his service from me and Zane. Yes indeed.

Have a blessed day honey. Big hugs. ♥♥♥

Sandee said...

The dissolution of the monasteries in Portugal was a nationalization of the property of male monastic orders effected by a decree of 28 May 1834 enacted by Joaquim António de Aguiar at the conclusion of the Portuguese Civil War. Portugal thus terminated the State sanction of masculine religious orders, and nationalized the lands and possessions of over 500 monasteries. The new government hoped to distribute land and goods in the hands among the poorer landowners, but there were few who could buy. Source: Wikipedia

Barb G said...

Interesting history... Glad you're enjoying your trip, despite unperfect weather!

big hugs xoxo