Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Rainy Wednesday

One cold front down, two to go.

Good yucky morning, where MM is still snoozing and two kitties aren't. Something is wrong with that scenario.

Check out our cute new neighbor:

I'm wondering how that pop-up section fares in this rain. Hopefully we get a chance to check it out closer.

Here is another beauty and one that has a long and interesting story. I'll have to get MM to help me with those details, a good project for a rainy day. Friend Dick (we spent the night in his yard recently) is restoring this prototype that his father designed back in the early '50s:

We took Bill and Barbara by there after breakfast Monday. They wanna go back and see it when it is finished. Dickie has a March deadline that is rapidly approaching. He is a workaholic, so he will git-er-done. She is a real beauty...and an expensive mistress!

One of our renters had an electrical problem that MM needs to go fix today between rain showers. I am doing paperwork...a good, rainy day project that goes on, no matter where we are.

Life is good here at the fun factory. Hope yours is, too. I think I'll just enjoy my coffee and my Mary Alice Monroe novel while it is quiet. Paperwork can wait awhile longer. Check.

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Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

i'm playing cards at the club, a good rainy day thing for me to do for sure...

smiles, bee

Barb and the Gs said...

It's sunny but a bit brisk here. I'll take it. That little motor home is adorable, although me thinks perhaps a bit too compact for me! Ill bet that car is mighty expensive!!!

Enjoy your book! I'm processing orders. YAY!

big hugs xoxo

Joy said...

Cute neighbor for sure, although a bit smaller than y'all's rig. :-) Enjoy your book. No snow here yet, I hope it misses us this time. I did see a bit on the top of Brasstown Bald as I drove to work, and one small flake when I went to the PO a few minutes ago. The sun is shining now...who knows what will happen? It's all good. Hugs!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I love vintage cars!! I love that white one.

Sandee said...

We would gladly take that rain. It looks like we are in drought mode here. Not good for all the farmers we have here. Bugger.

Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs to you and tons of scritches to all the babies. ♥♥♥

Jean(ie) said...

Cute little trailer. I'm with you on the pop up section. Might be dicey in the rain...